Our Students and their Feedback

Our students have come from all walks of life, with a variety of experiences and credentials, of all ages (14-76) and of many ethnic origins.  This wide diversity, all take the same training, and almost all seem to receive great value as expressed to us.  Each pulls the essential information they need from the talks, exercises, videos, instruction, hands-on experiences, discussions and even conversations during breaks and meals with each other and our teachers/staff.
They tell us that the richness of their training experience came from three main factors:

1. The wealth of resources made available to them before, during and after a training (Foundations of Permaculture Webinar Series, handouts, presentation materials, links to videos, links to websites, recommended books, etc.).

2. The richness of the content of the PDC curriculum with the essential aspects of permaculture being clarified to the point of ‘really getting it’ and knowing what to do with it in their own lives.

3. And the depth of real life experience of our instructors and the creative ways in which they teach.

We are proud of the trainings we offer and are still working on improving them.  We are also honored by the depth, creativity and passion of the students who have taken our trainings and who have given much to us as well.

The Midwest Permaculture Teaching Team

Graduates from Cal-Earth PDC, Hesperia, Ca – Nov. 2011
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 “An excellent course for both experienced and beginners to permaculture. The educators have a huge amount of knowledge which they share in an interesting and dynamic way. I have recommended this course to friends already.”
Susan P. (40) – London England, UK

“Midwest Permaculture blends the permaculture knowledge base with fascinating presentation style and a very strong emphasis on the human and community element, which makes the workshop a very unique and fun experience.”
Waa M. (41) – Liberia, Africa       

“I really appreciated the dedication of the staff as well as their passion and understanding of the material. And finally, the levity – jokes and all.”
Dave W. (59) – Hesperia, CA – Builder/Contractor  

“Bill’s hands on training gave me the confidence to move from reading about permaculture to doing it.”
Amir A. (42) – Qatar International business 

“Excellent course. I really feel empowered now to live more in harmony with our planet and fellow beings.”
Gary M. (37) – Ramona, Ca – Real Estate Manager 

“The Training was very inspirational, very informative, and the teachers made the topics crystal clear!”
Christian G. (32) – Arsta, Sweden – Photographer 

“This was a life-changing experience that will carry me forward in new directions. I’m hugely appreciative of the wisdom I’ve been exposed to. The training went beyond plants & land-forms, and really conveys permanent culture. Also the general attitude of the instructions was warm & friendly (&funny!). The spiritual undertone and location of the course  were a wonderful surprise.”
Bill S. (35) – Grass Valley, CA – Computer Tech

“I appreciated the time spent on a variety of topics with examples of what is already being done in other parts of the country and world.”  
James R. (58) – Emigrant, MT – Realtor 

“This course really puts forth energy towards creating more than just armchair permaculturalist’s, but rather designers of a better, richer, and more soulful sustainable future.”
Adam L. (30) – Eureka, CA – Chef 

“The instructors have fine-tuned the information to more than the juice – really it’s the nectar.”
Deidre J. (48) – Goochland, VA – Owner of Bed & Breakfast  

“I wish I, and everybody else in the world would have learned this by 5th grade… how different our planet would look…. A holistic approach to relating to the Earth and all it encompasses.” 
Nils- (22) – Montegue, CA – Farmer/Gardener 

“This workshop provides the knowledge and the tools, the excitement and the passion to return to the positive development of a healthy, rich, growing planet.”
Json M. (45) – S. Joseph, MO – Artist 

“Good up to date material presented with great energy!” 
Gerardo A. (36) – Azusa, CA 


Permaculture Graduation Class - Feb.2010 - Stelle, IL 

Graduates from Stelle, IL, PDC – Feb. 2010
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“The course was excellent. The heart of the materials felt honed and honest by the teachers. The experience was fun. I laughed a lot. I made some new friends. And I deepened my understanding of things. Thank You.”
Ross G. – Indiana – Ph.D. Literary Professor and Poet (40)

“I loved all the technical and concrete information! Learning details about creating guilds, surveying a site, and how to make a graft were so valuable to me. I am really glad I came.”
Anna V. – Chicago, IL – School Garden Coordinator (28)

“I had so much fun with my design team. I want to design more projects with them. The guild exercise and the A-Frame workshops were tremendous too.”
Seth H. – Chicago, IL – Americorp Volunteer (28)

“Thank you so much. I really loved all of the real-life farmers that we met and to be able to learn directly from them.”
Charity – Arkansas – Single mom. Starting her own small farm (30)

“This training is absolutely critical for all. A great experience.”
Kelly C. – Ph.D. Prof. at Univ. of Wisconsin (52)

“I enjoyed the opportunity of working with, and listening to, people of such diverse backgrounds, cultures and experiences. And I really appreciated the generosity and skill with which potentially difficult situations and discussions were handled.”
Laura B. – Rural IL – Home schooling mom of 10 and small farmer (48)

“I loved the intensity of the training and how it was woven into looking at our own personal inner being.”
Mark P. – Chicago, IL – Architect, husband and father of 2 (34)

“I was super inspired by the comprehensive nature of the instruction, workshops and activities. They touched my mind, body and soul.”
Heidi A. – California – NFP Director and Social Work (38)

” I loved this course. The knowledge I have gained has inspired me to get my hands dirty in permaculture.”
Jesse T. – Small Town Illinois – Recent B.A. in Landscape Architect – (25)

“This course was extremely beneficial and absolutely reinforces my excitement and motivation to continue moving in this direction and doing this work.”
Sara C. – Rural Wisconsin – Recent College Grad and new farmer (26)

“The course provided me a unique opportunity to learn and grow on many levels. It certainly was a ‘Permaculture Course Intensive’! I loved it. And, we created community. Thank You.”
Sharron M. – Rural Michigan – Late mom. Entrepreneur. New farmer (55)


Permaculture Course at Grass Valley, California, 2009 

Graduates from Grass Valley, CA, PDC – November 2009
Sivananda Ashram Yoga Farm

“I appreciated working on projects, all the information, the videos, the site visits with such variation, all of it. I was never bored.”
Lorna P. – Joliet, IL – Retired (63)

“I could feel the love, compassion and passion Bill and Wayne have for people and earth – truly wonderful teaching by example.”
Ingrid S. – Lincoln, NE – Dancer, Gardener, Mom – (40ish)

“Showed how permaculture is more than just gardening but a moral, ethical, spiritual lifestyle.”
Steve K. – Los Angeles, CA – Contractor & Tai Chi Master (40)

“I learned more than I thought possible. The site visits were amazing. I loved our overall group. Great vibe and life changing teachers. Thank you.”
Nate A. – Ann Arbor, MI – Non-Profit Administrator & Musician (33)

“Wayne and Bill, you were the most inspiring teachers I have ever had.”
Ryan S. – Granville, OH – Organic Farm Certifier & Athlete – (28)

“The plant walks with Wayne were a highlight.”
Andy T. – Grass Valley, CA – Yoga Farm Administrator – Past Engineer (32)


Midwest Permaculture PDC Course Graduates - Stelle, IL 2009 

Graduates from Stelle, IL, PDC – October 2009

“Incredible teachers and curriculum.”
Heidi R. – Elkhart, IN – Beginning Farmer – (37)

“Wayne and Bill’s teaching/communication styles are effective and complementary. Lots of great information shared through hands-on opportunities.”
Linda H. – Grayslake, IL – Business Owner (50)

“I will always remember and cherish this experience. This course felt like the first big step in the right direction.”
Angela S. – Harrisburg, IN – Corporate Sales Rep. (43)

“Bill and Wayne, you have a big vision… idealistic even… but are very grounded and practical in your approach to the application of it.”
Esther S. – Fox Lake, IL – Retired (68)

“I loved drawing various elements of PC together and weaving them into the fabric of the future and community. Thank You.”
David M. – Zion, MI – Non-Profit Director (59)

“I think the webinars were key to everyone bring ready to arrive at class, ready to work and gel as a group.”
Julie K. – Tahlequah, OK – Small farm entrepreneur and mom (38)

“Interesting, varied, enthusiastic and exciting. Very warm and welcoming. Important information and inspiring discussions, even at meals. Liked the combo of Bill and Wayne’s styles.”
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“This was an eye opening experience. I am a better human being because of this week. I made some connections with people who may become life long friends.”
Denise M. – Ava, IL – Horticulturist (43)


Midwest Permaculture PDC Course - Madison WI 2009 

Graduates from Madison, WI, PDC – August 2009

“This training exceeded my expectations. It was life changing. I see permaculture and all it embraces as the best hope for peace in the world.”
David F. – Ann Arbor, MI – Musician (42)

“The price of the course is well worth it. The teachers work well together.”
Noah W. – Madison, WI – College Student (20)

“This training far exceeded my expectations. Would I recommend it to others? Heck ya!”
Brian K. – Heber City, UT – Landscape Designer and Contractor (31)

“This course was the best birthday gift I have ever considered for myself and the future.”
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“I would definitely recommend this training to anyone interested in sustainable design.”
Jim L. – Madison, WI – College Professor (48)

“I would absolutely recommend this course. I am really glad I registered early. It gave me time to do the webinars, read the materials and try to apply permaculture design principles before the class.”
Katie K. – Ann Arbor, MI – College Administrator (40)

“I thought the idea of the webinars before the training was excellent.”
no name

“I wish every high school freshman could be offered the opportunity to take this training.”
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“I think the awareness and outlook you brought to me about co-ops and community was one of the greatest things learned this week. I will live by these (permaculture) principles forever. I would 100% recommend this course.”
Tyler L. – Madison, WI – Recent College Grad (23)

“Meeting and having access to someone as knowledgeable as Wayne (Weiseman) really gave me confidence. His teaching is very good.”
Tony B. – Anoka, MN – Computer IT & Suburban Farmer – (36)



Feedback long after the training is over…

We know that students leave an intensive training on a high so when we hear from them months or years later, it means even more to us.


Bill, I’m not doing anything revolutionary (for permaculturists, at least)
but what I am doing in my yard is still considered a big deal in my little part of the world.
I so LOVED my training with you!  Thanks again…
Best to all,  Katie  
(From Minneapolis –  A 2007 graduate writing to us in 2012)


 Seems hard to believe that it was almost 4-1/2 years ago I took my course in Stelle. What a life changer for me. Thanks to all at Midwest Permaculture for contributing to that change.
Kate H-C – Madison, WI – Graduate – Oct. 2007


Bill… Everything that I do, think, and feel seems to revolve around permaculture!   I love it!
Sherry R. – Portland, OR. – Graduate – June 2007


I am loving my permaculture work.
Lynne M. – Minneapolis, MN – Graduate – Oct. 2006


It’s harvest time and there is no better time than that. Primarily I have let most all herbs go to seed this fall for collection in anticipation of next spring at the farm.  I should be able to collect in seed and vines about $3000.00 worth for the big planting.  Just from a city lot and that doesn’t include eggs, honey, vegetables, 50 chickens, grapes (wine), hops (beer), some herbs other than seed and of course the usual  bushels of tomatoes (I love those tomatoes), peppers, squash, well you get the picture and I will send some later if you would like.  My next project is the solar water and PV system. I’ll keep in touch.

Victor S. – Minneapolis, MN – Graduate – Oct. 2006


Hi Bill… It has been a wild year…not a year later and I’m co-managing a small CSA and market garden at an intentional community near Toronto, Ontario.  It has been a very busy season with lots to learn but the grounding from the Permaculture course at Stelle set me off on the right footing …especially the emphasis on relationships and community!  I feel blessed to have had teachers like you.
Adrienne L. – Ottawa, ON, Canada – Graduate – Oct. 2007

I’ve fallen in love with permaculture – all that heady energy, fireworks, and electricity is still going.  Here’s my little progress report.

Have been wandering around the neighborhood with a broom gathering big bags of leaves from the sidewalk.  Driving to horse stables to shovel my station wagon full of manure – it gets very hot in there.  Coming up with plans for the chicken coop and have planted more alpine strawberries amidst crimson clover.  Trying to figure out how to direct the roof water into the yard and am fixing up the outdoor bath tub so that it will drain into a little rain garden.  My husband and I are planning to host a neighborhood open house to talk with our neighbors about peak oil and permaculture – hoping to inspire our ‘hood’ to begin growing food and collaborating.  Seems like the best approach to domestic security I can fathom.
Having a ball!

Elanne K. – San Francisco, CA – Graduate – Nov. 2008