Advanced Permaculture Training in
Teaching Permaculture
at Midwest Permaculture, Stelle, IL 

2014 Trainings is Complete–Check Back for 2015 Schedule                
Prerequisite:  Students must already have their Permaculture Design Course (PDC) Certificate

Learn how to Effectively Share the Genius of Permaculture!

In this training, student teachers will learn how to deliver useful & effective workshops, seminars, trainings and talks.

Teacher Training 2014 Stelle 640x480 Teachers Training

Teacher 2014 – Becky and Students in Front of Newly Built Aquaponics System


“This training has been profoundly helpful.
You have given me insights, tools and even greater inspiration to offer my own workshops and trainings.  Best of all Bill and Becky, you were modeling what you were teaching the entire time. Seeing is believing.  Thank You.”

Grant S. – Permaculture Project Manager – Hamilton, MT

What Will be Covered?

  1. How do people really learn;
  2. Teaching techniques for different learning styles;
  3. How to prepare oneself to deliver 1-hour, 1-day, 1-weekend, or full-PDC trainings;
  4. How to improve one’s teaching skills
  5. How to start one’s own teaching/educational business

Hosted and Taught by Bill and Becky Wilson – Founders and Certifying Instructors of Midwest Permaculture

Who is this Training For?
This training is for graduates of the 72-Hour Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) Course.  
We honor most all PDC certifications world wide.
This  is a training for people who want to become great teachers
of this brilliant-design process we call “permaculture”.

 Teachers Training Bill Wilson Teaching at a PDC Course in Madison, WI

What to Expect from this Training 
The primary focus will be on how one becomes an effective permaculture teacher.  People who are passionate and committed to living and teaching an authentic way of living on the planet will likely find this training invaluable.

During the week in the sustainably oriented community of Stelle, and under the experienced guidance of Bill and Becky Wilson, students will be compassionately supported in exploring those parts of themselves that make us all more effective teachers and communicators, and not just of permaculture.

We will also offer each student teacher a wealth of practical resources from which to draw upon while they are developing their permaculture teaching skills and business.  We will share some of the pieces and aspects of our PDC Courses that really hit home with most permaculture students.

Bottom-line:  How do we transfer the brilliance and possibilities of permaculture to the general public?  

The biggest impression for me was the session on “Teaching from Your Core.”
Deeply insightful and inspiring. 

Lacy B. –  Green Architect

Why do you want to be a teacher of permaculture?

Is it because you simply want to make money teaching something that is considered ‘Green’?

Is it because it looks easy to market and host permaculture trainings?

Or is it because permaculture is in your bones and you just have to share your passion for this approach to living with others?  Bingo…!

Bill and Becky Wilson started Midwest Permaculture in January of 2007 and are now making their living by teaching, speaking, and offering permaculture design services.  

They will share candidly with students taking this training about what has worked well in developing themselves and their business, and what has not. 


Who are the ideal Permaculture Teachers?
In our opinion, it starts with the person who is willing to share their love of permaculture with others, whether they receive financial compensation for it or not.

It is the one who knows that the deeper insight into permaculture is its ethical underpinning–seeking to find ways of healing the planet while caring for the human condition.

It is the person who is passionate about sharing this inspiration and information, but they are also solid within themselves.

We have found that it is not what a person teaches or how they teach that is so important, but rather who they are that often makes the difference..

Are you willing to come from your core when you teach and have loads of fun while you are doing it?

If so, then we think this training is for you.

 Teachers Training- Lead Instructors -
Bill & Becky Wilson

Midwest Permaculture

Becky Wilson of Midwest Permaculture Teachers Training
I really appreciated meeting the other like-minded teachers, willing to share of their experience, wisdom, challenges and style.  Excellent. 
Steve M. – Community College Prof., Permaculture Teacher


Some Practical Aspects of the Training

Start and End Times
To be announced. The training spans 6 days (Sunday-Friday)

Daily Schedule
We will have class most days, morning-afternoon-evening, from 8:30 a.m. through 9 p.m. with good breaks for lunch and dinner and reflection.  This is a lot of interesting information to cover so we ask students to come ready to study, work and learn.  There will be plenty of fun too.

All meals, snacks, coffee, tea and water will be provided as part of the course tuition.  Meals will be prepared from mostly organic and locally raised foods and will include vegetarian and meat options. We can usually accommodate other dietary preferences if we know about it well ahead of time.

Camping and Accommodations in Stelle
As part of the price of tuition, free camping space will be made available with toilets and showers close by.  This is light camping as you will likely only be spending time in your tent to sleep.

There are also indoor lodging options available in Stelle that run $150 for the entire week.  Some of our friends and fellow residents in Stelle are delighted to rent out their guest rooms for this modest fee.  Please email Becky (or call 815-256-2215, message or text us at 815-782-2216) if you have any questions, otherwise, there is an option to add this lodging when you register.

What to Bring
Three to four weeks before the training begins, every student receives a detailed email which includes a list of things to bring as well as more information about your training.

Thank you for this great teacher’s training.  It really opened my eyes to my own strengths and to areas where I can work to become an even better teacher. 
Geoff T. – Corp. IT Staff, Permaculture Teacher

Course Fee & Registration
The price for this course includes Bill and Becky Wilson as full-time teachers, all meals, camping space (with shower facilities) and training handouts and materials. 

Training Fee – $895

Final Almost 300x300 Teachers Training

 Registration Process:

  1. Fill our the Teacher Training Application and send in to Becky.  We will review it and get back to you within a week if not sooner.

  2. Once your application is accepted, call Becky at 815-256-2215 or message or text her at 815-782-2216 to make payment and receive your welcome letter.

  3. Complete the first part of the pre-training assignments and send them in before the training.

  4. Complete the second part of the pre-training assignments and bring them to the training with you.

Down-Payment / Course Reservation
Our simple e-commerce page is not set-up to handle partial or down-payments.  If breaking up your payment is an important factor to your ability to participate, please call Becky at 815-256-2215, message or text us at 815-782-2216 to work out these arrangements.  A $250 deposit will secure your seat in the TT.

Low Risk Cancellation and Refund Policy
We know unexpected things happen or come up. Therefore, should a student have to cancel their enrollment in this training there is a full refund less $150. 

There are no refunds for cancellations or for withdrawals once the course begins.  However, in certain circumstances, we may extend partial credit towards a future training.

Questions? Need to talk this through a bit?
Feel free to email or call Becky. 815-256-2215, voice message or text us at 815-782-2216


About Training Location: Stelle, Illinois
Home of Midwest Permaculture

This training will be hosted in the sustainably oriented community of Stelle (rhymes with “well”), IL where Becky and Bill have been residents for almost 35 years. The community hovers around 110 people in size with 45 suburban homes, and there has been a strong sustainability focus among some of the residents for over two decades.

During this time, those involved have created such things as an organic garden co-op, a community tool co-op, a dinner co-op, a solar-powered telephone company (which includes solar-powered, community wide WiFi), a wind generator assisted fresh-water treatment facility, Illinois’ first straw-bale home, and more.

If you would like to know more about the community of Stelle, visit our community website:
Stelle Community Association

Would you like to visit?  Consider joining us at one of our local non-profits open houses at Center for Sustainability

As the home of Midwest Permaculture, students will be given a tour of the community and will be able to see first hand some of the early permaculture work that has been going on.

In particular, students will be able to fully explore Bill and Becky’s permaculture yard and progress on the 8.7 acre CSC permaculture design project.

Since Bill and Becky have been involved with living intentional within community for decades, they are willing to share of this experience.  Some of our evenings will be filled with open discussions on permaculture related topics.  It will be a rich week.

Midwest Permaculture Bill and Becky Wilsons Permaculture Front Yard Copy Teachers Training

Midwest Permaculture – Bill and Becky Wilson’s Permaculture Front Yard Rain Gardens