WalkAbouts & Design Services
Permaculture Home and Site Assessments

What is a WalkAbout?
Bill Wilson (or someone we explicitly trust) explores with a property owner what sort of permaculture design applications would be most appropriate for their land during a walk of the property in question. This is a verbal assessment of the property.
(Can possibly be done over the phone and/or internet with maps, photos and other information provided by client.)

Additional Design Services
Following a site visit or the study of provided materials from the client, we will create a permaculture design including a drawing and written summary to include either a:
1. Basic Design
2. Intermediate Design
3. Advance Design

What can be Explored?

For an Existing Residence
-create a beautiful, edible landscaping,
-design permaculture rain gardens,
-instill balanced natural systems,
-use vertical landscaping techniques,
-increase soil fertility,
-eliminate some of the lawn,
-start a productive garden,
-handle excess rain,
-reduce energy use,
-lower carbon imprint,
-possibly all of the above.

For Larger Property
– Where to place roads, swales, dams and ponds
– Where to situate home and other buildings
– Where to place orchards, pastures, gardens, etc.
– Ideal or possible plant & animal species
– An implementation plan and timetable

We will assist in clarifying the most obvious places and ways to begin to implement a fresh, sustainable and nurturing approach on most any property.

For More Information or a Price Estimate:

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Bill Wilson of Midwest Permaculture  Hosting a WalkAbout
Bill Wilson on a WalkAbout




“It was very useful and informative.
We’re already searching for willow trees for the backyard
and nut and fruit trees for the front.
We’ll also be modifying
our annual gardens to include the swales this year.

Mike F .- WalkAbout Host & Homeowner



Feedback on the WalkAbouts…
“Yes, we really enjoyed the WalkAbout.  I could see Bill’s wheels turning as he would look at a spot. We got some good feedback.  I am excited about creating a little sanctuary to the side of the house, which I can envision now with Bill’s ideas.  Also excited to look at guilds more.  I would like to have more food available at an easily accessible place, and will work towards building up from our home outward.  

I will be reading more about permaculture, and appreciate the handout booklet Bill gave us.  It all makes sense, doesn’t it?”

Amanda N. (Auburn, IL)

“The walkabout was great!  We chatted away the full 2-hrs.  

I found it helpful because Bill and Angie had good suggestions, and I have a better idea how to go about figuring out a plan.  Being a newbie, I am looking at a blank canvas and didn’t know where to start, how much to attempt, etc.  They had good ideas for short term and long term goals.  They went over available resources for plants and ideas.  I have a lot to think about!  It was great having fresh sets of eyes look at my place and see potential for a spiral garden here, a swale there, possible greenhouse, plant groupings or where focal specimen trees should go.  I think I was most surprised about how little area is really needed if used well.

The WalkAbout was exactly what I’d hoped for and easily worth the price.”

Anna S. (Springfield, IL)

“Thanks for forwarding Matt’s email.  We’ll get back to him for future plans.  

Yes, we had an overall great experience with our Walkabout and Matt!  He definitely showed his expertise in the Permaculture realm and did not disappoint.  He was good at explaining concepts and was thoroughly engaging.  He helped us analyze our yard to address the water issues we were concerned about.”

Judy B. (Rolling Meadows, IL)