Hanks Horn of Plenty

A Little Ingenuity Goes a Long Way
This 2-minute gem was forwarded to me by one of my good friends in Stelle, Mark, who is from Maryland. It is priceless in its charm, brevity and message – ‘we can feed ourselves from our own backyards’. As that itch to get our hands back into the soil continues to grow with spring drawing near, consider what is truly possible from our own back & front yards, empty lots, balconies and rooftops, especially with a little human love and ingenuity as Hank here demonstrates. By the way, Stockton, Maryland gets plenty of near zero temperatures during the winter. It’s solidly a temperate climate zone. And when the video clip is done, ask yourself how you would go about duplicating what Hank has created but with only organic inputs and renewable energy options. That’s a permaculture approach. Enjoy. I found it inspiring. 

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(Note: This video requires Windows Media Player and may not work on your computer. Darn. Hope you can view it.)

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