Spring Has Sprung

The yo-yo weather of spring is with us now with temperature on one day of 65-degrees and the next at 30. Thank goodness for our winter hardy greens. Pictured here is some of Becky’s early spinach from under a mini-greenhouse that was completely buried in snow at one point. No doubt about it…spinach is a gift to those of us who live in the temperate climate zone. 

We are a month behind on posting. It is the first winter where we hosted two PDC Courses back to back. This left little time for anything else, so we are in “catch-up-mode” now. If you are interested, here are a couple of links to these two courses where we posted short picture summaries of each. They were great trainings. Congratulations to our new permaculture graduates...!!!

Winter PDC here in Stelle with a Food Growing Focus.

March PDC at the University of Wisconsin, also a food growing focus.

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