Aquaponics: Always Something New

Here's our aquaponics system. Looking abundant and lush, but it's also hiding something quite interesting....
We pulled off the tubes one day and found something exceptional.
Off comes the tube.... What the heck is that!?
Keep pulling the tube down.... and down.... and down
Finally the tube is off! The roots of the plants above touch the water in the barrel, over two feet below. We think the white part is a tomato root and the red is probably the chard. Just one more cool thing to find and learn in an aquaponics system.

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6 thoughts on “Aquaponics: Always Something New”

    1. The water tank is buried in the ground and covered with straw bales. This last winter wasn’t much of a test, we’ll see how it fares in the next.

  1. So interesting, it seems like they were sniffing out the good stuff down in the sump, makes you wonder all the connections that occur when a root senses nutrients

  2. That was an interesting thing to find flowing down that tube! You would think the roots were thirsty since they were pursuing water so avidly! I wonder if you cut the roots off to hook up the hose again or stuffed them back down into the hose. And why were you disconnecting the hose? Not important; just curious. 😉 Carroll

    1. I think we were just readjusting the hoses to make sure they were all on properly and tightly, and through doing so stumbled across the roots.

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