Permaculture Training on Lake Shore Drive – Chicago

That’s Lake Shore Drive (LSD) in the background.
Lake Michigan is on the other side of the Drive. 

Midwest Permaculture Students Learning to use an A-frame
The Institute of Cultural Affairs brought us in to teach one of our weekend “Essential Permaculture” trainings.
This training focuses on useful information for the suburban and urban resident. 
We took our students to the closest green area to teach them how to use an A-Frame
for measuring level contours for swale and rain-garden digging. 
The closest area was the greenbelt next to Lake Shore Drive…!!!
The training was hosted October 29-30, 2011 
 Some of the city behind us.
There are about a dozen more pictures, if you wish to view them… 
 This “instrument” can measure level as accurately as an expensive transit, has been used by earlier cultures for hundreds if not thousands of years, and can be made from very simple materials.
 Everyone gets a try with the A-frame so that the learning sinks in.
 Back to the Classroom

ICA (Institute of Cultural Affairs) building on Sheridan, Ave. in Chicago.  
Our permaculture class room is on the 6th floor.

 Milton Dixon Teaching
Milton is the coordinator/host of the Chicago Permaculture Meetup Group 
We invited him in to teach a couple of segments of the training. 
 We had a Great Training
 ICA Staff – Our Hosts
Nina, Pam, Karen and David 
 DePaul University Faculty and Students
 Milton Updating our Additional Resources Page on our Website for this group of Students.
 We had three students from Michigan join us.
Check Here for information and Dates on Upcoming Trainings 

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