Work/Study Internship Trainings 2013

We have created a Work/Study Internship in partnership with our local non-profit, Center for Sustainable Community. We are in the process of clarifying our 2013 program now.  Please check back.

Internship Information to be Posted Soon
Please Check Back

Midwest Permaculture and CSC’s Summer 2012 interns.

Rusty, Hayden and Zach (L-R) eating a lunch that they fully grew and prepared – chicken from the orchard and sweet potatoes, regular potatoes, onion and garlic from the community garden.

Russell Thompson is from Texas and is with us for 3 months as he learns the basic elements to creating a permaclture design for a piece of land that he and his family own in Indiana.

Rusty:  “This experience will help me to implement permaculture principles specifically for the 40-acre plot of land in Indiana which our family intends to turn into a food forest. The land will also be an example of alternative agriculture for the conventional farmers surrounding the family plot, and a support for other sustainable-minded farmers in our community. After my internship, I intend to move to Indiana and start using what I’ve learned to make a living for myself and my future family.”  More from Rusty on our blog.

Hayden is finishing up his first year of a 2-year internship and is the son of Bill and Becky Wilson of Midwest Permaculture.  Here is his blog entry from early on.

Zach Watts is a Stelle community resident and entering his senior year of high school in the fall of 2012.  His was a summer intern.

Zach: “I really enjoyed learning about poultry production, the permaculture ideals and principles, and wood gasification. My eyes were opened. I will continue to view the world through a permaculture lens.”



Our Interns are Included in our PDC Courses. Can you find Rusty?