Old Greenhouse into Multi-Purpose Structure

Originally constructed as an industrial sized greenhouse, this structure has been exposed and empty for the last 30 years. Located in the CSC apple orchard, it had been a popular roosting site for our orchard turkeys. Unfortunately for them we were determined to get some use out of the Buckminster Fuller inspired geodesic frame.


We measured the circumference of the semi cylindrical frame and ordered a Clearspan polyethylene cover.


It took 12 of us most of day to clear out the overgrowth, make some repairs and then finally raise the cover.

Repairing the end caps.


Up it goes!


Almost there.



 We now have storage, workshop space and a staging area removed from the elements for the CSC Design Project.

We expect it will take us the better part of 5-10 years to build everything in the CSC Project. We are not in any hurry and we would like as many people as possible to learn from these projects. If you’d like to visit or participate there are several options;

  1. Take one of our PDC Courses here in Stelle
  2. Join us for an extended period for one of our work/study internships
  3. Join our email lists to learn of open house work parties and permablitz’s
    1. CSC Email List – Events and Work Parties in Stelle hosted by CSC
    2. MWP Email List – Our PDC Courses, Workshops, Cool Permaculture Stuff

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