PDC Graduate Series – Ian Williams

Ian is Graduate of:
PDC Course #60 – Oct. 2015, Grass Valley, CA
Teacher Training #7, July 2016 in Stelle, IL

  • Youth Educator at University of Minnesota’s Landscape Arboretum

  • Creator of the ‘Internal Landscape Design’ workshop

  • Founder/Owner U&i LLC

Sometimes, the PDC course is a perfect fit for those looking for practical knowledge about living a meaningful life and creating purposeful work in the world. Ian was one of these people and as such he has attended 3 of our PDC courses along with completing the Advanced Permaculture Training in Teaching.

By his third PDC we could easily see how Ian’s teaching abilities supported his passion for the subject and we invited him to take on some responsibilities as a co-teacher at our Cal Earth PDC, 2017. His contributions were spot-on and seamless.

Because of his natural teaching abilities and passion for sharing positive ways of living with others he was recently hired as the Youth Educator at the University of Minnesota’s Landscape Arboretum.

Knowing that permaculture is going to be a part of his life’s work he also recently developed a training called the Internal Landscape Design Workshop which revolves around an individual’s personal journey.  As he says in the video:

“I think we all need to do this individual work and figure out… how do we live our lives in an authentic way…”

You can learn more at Ian’s website: https://www.reviveuandi.com/

Below is the full conversation between Ian and Midwest Permaculture’s Milton Dixon from December of 2017.

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