2022 Course Schedule is Released!

Now that we have our course schedule finalized for 2022, we wanted to share a little highlight of what taking a Permaculture Design Certificate course with us is really like.

We believe there is much more to permaculture than what is in the designer’s manual. As its founders Bill Mollison and David Holmgren stressed, the initial concept of permaculture was meant to expand, and over the years there have been great strides in exploring what can be accomplished by designing human systems with the ethics of permaculture at the base of our intent.

A lot of people who seek to build systems with greater resilience and abundance end up creating models that reflect the core of permaculture, whether they call it that or not. A major part of our course consists of curating and sharing the newest, most relevant ideas and examples of permaculture in action, and delving into ways they can be applied at both large and small-scales. Our intertwining of these pioneering approaches with more traditional methods of sustainability helps us paint an expansive picture of how we can use the powerful tools that permaculture gives us to their full extent.

And so, our course is overflowing with inspiring and useful material–majorly thanks to the driven curiosity of our lead instructor Bill Wilson, and his and his team’s commitment to delivering the best and most current information possible. It is important to see real-world examples of people “walking the talk”, and even more important to understand the meaning underlying their work–to discover and practice the endless multitude of ways there are to serve a greater human duty of leaving the world in better condition than when we arrived on it. Following this common thread of relation throughout our exploration of the PDC material is what makes our course so poignant and remarkable.

There is a lot of information out there about permaculture, and it can be overwhelming to try to connect it all and find ways to apply it to your own circumstances. Being guided through this learning process by experienced teachers whilst surrounded by an engaged group of peers makes all the difference. We have found that every student makes valuable contributions to the group. We are constantly learning from each other, and each course is peppered with unique information and new ideas. Whether in-person or online, there is so much to be gained from participating in a training like this.


 “It blows my mind the impact this has made on me in such a short time. I thought I would take this course and be able to do some of my own landscaping design, but it’s so much more than that. I have a world of possibilities swirling around in my head now.”

-Maran, Recent PDC graduate

See our upcoming course schedule, or visit our PDC page to learn more.

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