Caron Wenzel Workshop

Pond just completely refilled on May 1, 2019...!!!

Pond just completely refilled on May 1, 2019…!!!

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Learn how we transformed a silted-in farm pond into a beautiful community resource that will have swimming, fishing and chinampas. We completed the excavation work in August 2018 and the pond filled this spring!

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Before: Silted in, stagnant, oxygen depleted, no fish, and surrounded by catail.

Before: Silted in, stagnant, oxygen depleted, no fish, and surrounded by catail.

Workshop 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. – May 25th
Price $40 – Includes lunch
Call or email to let us know you are coming. (prefered)
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Here is the design we created to clean-up and reshape the pond. We will share all of our considerations, the processes we went through and the costs associated.
And what did we do with all of the nutrient-rich muck we pulled out of the pond? Come and see. 🙂

Completely drained, dredged and reshaped.

The workshop will begin indoors with a clear explanation of the challenges and solutions we entertained in this redesign project, from earth moving to plant selection. In the afternoon we’ll head outside with Caron Wenzel to do some actual planting around the pond.

For those interested there will be a casual introduction to Stelle during lunch and then a follow-up tour after 3:00. No additional charge.

Caron Wenzel is the owner of Blazing Star, a restoration and agroecological consulting firm, and a professor of horticulture and permaculture at the College of Lake County in Greyslake, IL. She has also written articles for Garden and Greenhouse magazine.

Sharing in the teaching for this workshop is Bill Wilson, cofounder of Midwest Permaculture, who helped create the permaculture design for the CSC property including the redesign of the pond. Bill is a 40-year resident of Stelle.

Bill Wilson

This Workshop is Sponsored by:
Center for Sustainable Community
Midwest Permaculture
Both of Stelle, Illinois