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We hope our website answered most of your questions.  If not, feel free to email us anytime, or call during normal business hours.


Midwest Permaculture
125 Crescent Lane – Stelle Community,
Cabery,   IL 60919

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For all general questions:
 Becky Wilson
Will Wilson – Tech Support
Milton Dixon – Website Admin.

Phone & Texting:

Our Land-line Phone:  815-256-2215
 Notice:  You may Experience Trouble Telephoning us!
(See Text)
Other Options for Contacting us:

Voice-mail or Text…    815-782-2216
When texting or leaving a voice message, please leave us your
telephone #, name, and email address
so that we have several ways of responding to you.

We will get back to you as soon as we can!!!  Thanks for Your Patience.

Small U.S. Town Telephone Service is Deteriorating
with Growth of Wireless Internet

Because we live in a rural area, the large telephone conglomerates that bring your calls to our town do not (or feel that they cannot) make us small-time users a priority.  Hardware and software are not always maintained well and they will route calls, from even nearby towns, all over the country in the process of looking for the least expensive path-connections at any given moment.Because of this, we have been hearing from some of you that your calls to us are either being dropped or that our phone just keeps ringing and ringing.  Please note: We do keep normal business hours and we also have an answering machine that picks up calls after 4 rings if we are not at hand.  So your call may not be getting through to us even if it is ringing on your end. Sometimes, our IT manager and co-teacher Milton Dixon tell us he had to dial three or four times to get through. Argh….

This is worrisome for sure, but we are not alone.  Small towns all over the US are having trouble getting their calls routed through and some small businesses have even had to close their doors because customers could not reach them.  Just so you know, we are working on solving these challenges from our end…but in the meantime…keep dialing, leave a voice message, or send us an email or text and we will get back to you ASAP. Thanks for your patience.