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Greetings Everyone… It’s been a busy summer.  In addition to our full-training schedule we broke ground on EarthCamp village. Seeing our first structure come out of the ground has been deeply inspiring for us. An incredible amount of experience was gained by the volunteers participating – consisting mostly of Midwest Permaculture graduates — who felt greatly rewarded as well.  Here are this month’s highlights.

EarthCamp Village – We’ve Broken Ground!
The Timber Framing is up for Earth-Shelter #1
The walls will be made of  cob from the clay beneath our feet.

Click Here for Picture Summary of the Construction Thus Far

And what again is Earth-Camp Village?   Part of our CSC Permaculture Design

This is an example of one of the kinds of structures we are intending to build in EarthCamp Village



10 ‘No-Work’ Crops from our Yard
And it’s Peach Season Becky With One of Her Peach TreesWe have been implementing permaculture design into our yard for about 5 years now.  This year we noticed a quantum leap in production from our perennial crops.  We did a quick blog post on 10 of these.  The main point is that other than planting them and doing the minor maintenance surrounding them, they are relatively NO WORK.


Featured posts from Facebook. 

Milton continues to post to Facebook interesting, permaculture-related information.  Here are just a few that were well received last month. ‘Like’ us on Facebook to receive our latest posts.

How to Use the 12 Principles of Permaculture to Grow Sustainable Organizations

Permaculture principles are patterns that can be applied to any system to make it sustainable.

7 Ways to Kill Poison Ivy Without Using Roundup

If you have to get rid of some poison ivy here consider these ways to do so.


Eating Hostas

Did you know that all those hostas are edible?



Upcoming Permaculture Design Certificate Course Schedule –

We hope to have two or more work parties this fall for cob building on Earth-Shelter #1.  Keep an eye on the website or these emails and we’ll let you know when they are.
Enjoy the rest of your summer…. Bill
Bill & Becky Wilson
Midwest Permaculture

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  1. I’m wondering which 2-3 books might cover the topics for a sustaining Permaculture for the upstate NY area on.
    Goal: to start a small 5×10′ greenhouse based on this way of growing…then building it larger every so often once the techniques are mastered. Seeking to grow garden veggies of high value for my family, friends and local restaurants in upstate NY

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