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Midwest Permaculture – December, 2018

Permaculture Principle #4
Apply self-regulation and accept feedback. 

Hello Permaculture Friends,

In 2018 the Midwest Permaculture team took a step back to create more space in our lives allowing time for reflection and evaluation. The main questions we were entertaining; Are we still doing the work we set out do? Is our work at Midwest Permaculture still serving a greater purpose?

While contemplating our future we were continually blessed with inspiring students and determined clients. They reminded us that the world needs an ethical approach to caring deeply for our planet, the people on it and the future of us all. 

With this inspiration our clarity returned. At ages 65 and 67 we know that we are not done. We will continue to do our simple part to bring the tools of permaculture to those who resonate with our approach.  Hence classes, consulting and the pursuit of relationships of higher purpose will fill our year ahead. Our most up-to-date schedule is here

So, may we ask, what is alive in you at this time?  Is your inner voice asking you to contribute more fully to something of greater meaning in the world?  Will you be able to listen to it and follow it?   It’s very easy to fall back into the comfort of what’s known, but we believe we’re facing a future that will continue to challenge all of us.  Whether we wish to engage or not, life will end up pushing us to step into the unknown and take on risks that will enable us to co-create a sane future. 

And we know that stepping into the unknown takes real courage. But do remember:

Courage is not the absence of fear.
Courage is fear walking. 

(Susan David)

We look forward to seeing and meeting many of you this year. We’ll be walking this journey with you.

Lastly, as we assess this year’s surplus, we will be sharing it where we know it will do greater good. We’ve been in relationship with these three organizations that exemplify that higher purpose.  If you are inspired, they can use your support as well. Links and their stories are below. 

We are wishing you a wonderful holiday season and new year.

Becky and Bill Wilson

Coming Up!

Winter PDC Course at Midwest Permaculture, Stelle, IL
March 2-9, 2019

The full Permaculture Design Course curriculum will be covered with an emphasis in food growing in any environment — city to farm.

View Trailer

We will be visiting the farm of Marty and Will Travis, two of the amazing farmers featured in this wonderful documentary. 


Immediately Following the above…
Advanced Training in Permaculture Design

March 10-15, 2019 – Also in Stelle, IL

Led by Bill Wilson

Improve Your Design Skills
Create Professional Basemaps with Simple Software
Earn Income from Design Work

Must have PDC certificate to Enroll
Save $100 if taking the PDC immediately before

Midwest Permaculture    

125 Crescent Lane
Stelle, IL 60919
(815) 256-2215


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  1. I’m wondering which 2-3 books might cover the topics for a sustaining Permaculture for the upstate NY area on.
    Goal: to start a small 5×10′ greenhouse based on this way of growing…then building it larger every so often once the techniques are mastered. Seeking to grow garden veggies of high value for my family, friends and local restaurants in upstate NY

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