Final Call for Signup!

On-Site PDC in, Stelle, IL Jun. 17-24, 2023

Final Call for Signup!

On-Site PDC in in Stelle, IL Jun.17-24, 2023

First 2-Day Transition Town Training in Illinois

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Becky and I will soon host the first Transition Training in Illinois in our home town of Stelle. Not only is it convenient for us, but we think most people will enjoy visiting our sustainably oriented community as well. A big part of the transition process is finding ways to decrease our carbon imprint while building some resilience into our communities, and residents in Stelle have been dabbling in this for decades. People taking this training in Stelle will receive a quick tour of our community to include the windmills, our solar powered telephone company, the tool co-op, garden co-op, chicken co-op and more. 

Here is quick 5-minute video of Rob Hopkins (left), the Transition Town Network’s founder, talking about community resilience as well as giving his quick overview on just what the Transition Movement is all about.

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