Work-Trade Program at Midwest Permaculture

 Work-Trade at Midwest Permaculture for your PDC

Current Opportunities:
At this point (Jan.2019) are accepting applications for our Work/Trade program for the 4-week periods before each of our PDC courses this year. All work-trades will be performed at Midwest Permaculture in Stelle, even for the away courses at Bending Oak and Heal the Planet Farm.  We’ll travel there together. 

Read Coral’s Blog about her Work-Trade Experience – 2018

We 3 work-traders (from left to right): Brie Brown, Hunter Benkoski, and myself–Coral Thayer

Work /Trade for PDC Course — 4 Weeks
There is no fee that you need to pay and neither is there a stipend or pay that we provide. You are trading your time for a PDC course valued at $1295 plus whatever hands-on experience you gather.

~  Minimum of 18 years of age
~  Have good health
~  And bring these 10 qualities that require zero experience or talent!
1. Being on Time
2. Good Work Ethic
3. Honest Effort
4. Body Language
5. Positive Energy
6. Friendly Attitude
7. Being Coachable
8. Doing Extra
9. Being Prepared
10. Shared Passion
We found the above list on a wall at Foundation Farm in Arkansas. Many thanks to Patrice Gros.

Work-traders here mixed in with and enjoying the PDC course they earned along with the folks who came for the training.

What You Receive
1. Free tuition to a Midwest Permaculture PDC course (or advanced training if available).
2. Camping space or lodging (shared apartment, maybe private room)
3. Some fresh food right from the gardens when available with a few other items such as grains, rice, beans, etc. You are responsible for most of your food. We have items to share.

What We Need
The tasks that work/traders might perform are basic such as gardening, weeding, mulching, feeding chickens, foliar spraying, soil drenching, building upkeep, hands-on natural building, etc. — basically, anything that we need to get done to provide our educational trainings and move our permaculture projects forward. We will never ask people to do work that we are not willing to do ourselves. Only some of the work might be considered ‘permaculture’ related.

Your big take-away is tacking a Midwest Permaculture PDC which is available at $1295 but valued by graduates as being easily worth twice that. (their words, not ours)

Also, you’ll be working with Bill and Becky in Stelle, IL, along with other team members on a real permaculture project.

Apply by filling out this application form and emailing to
Questions?  Call Becky at 815-256-2215

Sequence of Events
1. Fill out application and send in.
2. We review and if we are interested we check your references. Either way we will get back to you.
3. If we think their might be a fit we will arrange a telephone interview with you.
4. If all goes well you will be invited to participate and together, we confirm the dates for your work/study.

Interning at Midwest Permaculture

Doing one of the daily chores

Download the Application Here
and email to