Internship Program at Midwest Permaculture

Internship Programs with/through Midwest Permaculture
3-Stage Process

1. Work/Trades for PDC Course — for 5 Weeks (No Prerequisites)
2. Apprenticeships — for 13 Weeks (PDC Certificate Required)
3. Stewardships — for 1 Year (Completion of Apprenticeship Required)

We are involved in several ongoing projects and with these come occasional learning/working opportunities.

Current Opportunities:
Sorry. None at this time.  If you feel inspired you are welcome to fill out an application anyway should something unexpectedly come up. 

Download the Application Here
and email to


Stage 1  —  Work /Trade for PDC Course — 5 Weeks
There is no fee that you need to pay and neither is there a stipend or pay that we provide. You are trading your time for the educational programming we provide valued at around $1295 plus a room and some food/meals (valued at around $500), plus whatever work experience, permaculture exposure and life insights you find valuable during your 5-weeks.Be sure to come with some extra cash for your own food and for a bit of spending money for your off time. If you are selected for a work-trade position we will fill you in on more details before you begin.Prerequisites:
~  Minimum of 18 years of age
~  Have good health~  And bring 10 things that require zero experience or talent!
1. Being on Time
2. Good Work Ethic
3. Honest Effort
4. Body Language
5. Positive Energy
6. Friendly Attitude
7. Being Coachable
8. Doing Extra
9. Being Prepared
10. Shared Passion
We found the above list on a wall at Foundation Farm in Arkansas. Many thanks to Patrice Gros.

Interns and PDC Course students working together.

What You Receive
1. Free tuition to a Midwest Permaculture PDC course or other MWP training.
2. Lodging (shared apartment or private room)
3. Some fresh food right from the gardens with a few other items such as grains, rice, beans, etc. You are responsible for most of your food. We have items to share.

What We Need
The tasks that work/traders might perform are basic such as greenhouse work, gardening, weeding, feeding chickens and collecting eggs, building upkeep, repair, painting, cleaning, etc. Basically, anything that we need to get done to provide our educational trainings and move our permaculture projects forward. We will never ask people to do work that we are not willing to do ourselves and some or most of it may not be ‘permaculture’ related.

Apply by filling out this application form and emailing to
Questions?  Call Becky at 815-256-2215

Sequence of Events
1. Fill out application and send in.
2. We review and if we are interested we check your references. Either way we will get back to you.
3. We arrange a telephone interview with you.
4. If all goes well you will be invited to participate and together, we confirm the dates for your work/study.

Interning at Midwest Permaculture

Doing one of the daily chores

Stage 2 — Apprenticeship  — 13 Weeks 

~  Minimum of 18 years of age
~  Have good health
~  Have earned your PDC Certificate (either from us or another qualified teacher)
~  Possible interest in the year-long Stewardship program (certainly not required)

What You Receive
1. 50% tuition to a Midwest Permaculture PDC course or other MWP training.
2. Camping space or lodging (depending upon time of year, location, and your needs)
3. Some fresh food right from the gardens with a few other essentials (grains, rice, beans, etc.).
4. A $100/week stipend

James harvesting potatoes. A good start for our winter supply.

What We Need from an Apprentice
For those working with us for 13-weeks (3 months) we will likely train you in 2 or 3 areas so that you become proficient but you will also assist in many other activities or projects as the work dictates. Again, we will not ask anyone to do work that we have not already done and would do ourselves but everyone must pitch in to do what is needed to move the various projects forward.

Other Details
There is no fee that you need to pay and the $100 weekly stipend will give you a bit of spending money. Here again you are trading your time for the educational programming we provide plus whatever work experience and life insights you garner from working with us and others.

We tend to consider our own PDC graduates or work traders for these apprentice positions but not exclusively. If you have already earned a PDC certificate from someone else and feel inspired to work with us for 13 weeks (or longer) then please send in your application.

Fill out our Internship Application and email it to
Questions?  Call Becky at 815-256-2215

Stage 3 — Stewardship — 1 Year – Only Open to Current Apprentices

Once you and we have had the opportunity to work together for 13 or 18 weeks through the first two stages of the internship program, we will both know if continuing our relationship will be mutually beneficial.

Those we bring on as Stewards will co-design their work and learning experiences with us. In some cases you might plug into an existing project we are involved in as part of a team. There are times when Bill or Becky need assistance with outreach, networking, correspondence, research or permaculture design projects. Basically, we will look at what is needed and wanted at the time and see if we can agree on plan.


Moriah is in our year-long Stewardship Program and is seen here learning to lead a team of horses during our Advanced Permaculture Training in Farming held at Fox Hollow Farm in Ohio. She took this training for free as part of her educational training through the Internship Program.

Compensation will consist of additional trainings, all of the learning opportunities you are exposed to and an income package equivalent to minimum wage or better.

Questions?  Call Becky at 815-256-2215 or email:


Future Permaculture Opportunities 
We are in the early stages of developing our long-term projects with new opportunities on the horizon. Our intention is to see these and other new locations become productive and educational permaculture sites that really make a difference in the world. This will require full-time permaculture residents who are interested in practicing, living and/or teaching permaculture.

We are slowly looking for dedicated and capable persons to be a part of our growing work.  The better we know someone the more likely they will be invited to participate, after all, permaculture is about relationship. Being involved in some or all aspects of the Internship Program will give you and us the chance to see how compatible we all are.

Please consider joining us if you are highly interested in learning about permaculture and the future plans we have. Taking one of our Permaculture Design Certificate Courses is the place to start. If you have already taken your PDC with us then we know you. Fill out the application and let’s talk.

Cheers from Becky and Bill Wilson – Cofounders of Midwest Permaculture