Monthly Design Charrette

‘Quick Design’ Charrettes

Second Sunday of Every Month over Zoom
2:00-4:30pm Central
Open to the Public – Fee and Registration

Definition (noun): A public meeting or workshop devoted to a concerted effort to solve a problem or plan the design of something.
We’ll tackle a different residential or homestead design, in real time, each month.

Charrette Timetable each Month

Example of a Charrette Design Below

Learn how we create a framework permaculture design like the one above.
  • Each ‘Quick Design’ selected from your submitted projects
  • Look over Bill Wilson’s shoulder and watch as a Permaculture Framework Design Unfolds with the added talent of the Midwest Permaculture design team.
  • Free to all MWP Students (Past or Present – Sharpen your design skills)
  • $20+/Session to the Public – We invite everyone to learn

Sign-Up each month to get the Zoom Link
Fees, Upcoming Dates and Registration Here
We will send you the address of the property should you wish to look up the site data ahead of time yourself. Don’t know how?
Learn How to Gather Site Data Here

The Details

‘Quick Design’ of Property with Bill Wilson and the MWP Design Team

We will start right on time (log in up to 10 mins. early if you like) by sharing all of the site data we have already gathered. We will also discuss what the data does and does not tell us.

Learn how to use an adjustable topographical map generator program to help discern water movement

Then, with this information and the client’s vision for the property defined, we will pull up a Google Slide or PowerPoint and place the aerial view of the property on the slide to begin our base map.

Then the design process continues as we follow what is known as the scale of permanence to determine how water and other forms of energy (sun, wind, nutrients, wildlife,  are moving through the property – what we call a zone and sector analysis). Would it be beneficial to hold some or all of this energy? If so, what are some ways to do that? What are the best access points for paths or driveways? Where do ideal planting areas appear, and what plants are likely to thrive there? And so on.

Submit your property for this design exercise
Anyone can request that we ‘quick design’ their property for a monthly session. Our PDC and PDMC students will receive a priority, but we are delighted to host anyone’s project should we run out of student requests. Whether you are an MWP student or not, email your request for consideration to , including your address and an aerial photo or map with the property lines delineated. There are no guarantees that we will select your project, student or not. Our selection will be based on those with the most significant learning potential for the greatest number of participants.  

Note: By submitting a property, you are agreeing that the address will be shared with the participants of the group if it is selected. We expect all participants to be respectful of any personal information that is shared within the session. 

Open Session to Brainstorm Your Design Challenges/Questions

We’ll take 45 minutes for your question about ANYTHING. Maybe you would like to further explore an element in the design we just created? Want to ask a question about your own design? Curious how we would tackle a challenge you’ve run into? Want to know about a resource we might know of? If you have a question, it is likely that many others have a similar one and will be glad you asked it. This Q&A can be a rich 45 minutes. We’ll try not to run down any rabbit holes (getting into details that very few would find helpful or interesting), but we can at least lead interested folks in a useful direction. 


Our Permaculture Design Course (PDC) and Property Design Mini Course (PDMC) contain in-depth introductory information on dozens and dozens of creative, elegant, and productive design features. We thought we would use these charrettes to share some of that content with you. We will take suggestions for future topics during each charrette. 

Hosted by Bill Wilson – MWP’s Lead Designer & Teacher
Co-Taught by Milton Dixon and Megan Christian, both are permaculture teachers, designers and practitioners. 

Fees, Upcoming Dates and Registration

The price you pay for this workshop is set up on the permaculture honor system. Pay what you think is fair, what you can afford, or if you would like to encourage our permaculture work in the world.
Recommended Pricing
    > Free to Our MWP Course Graduates
    >   $20 – Regular price to the Public
    >   $50 – ‘I love what you are doing’
    > $100 – ‘I want to support what you are doing’

Register for the Sessions you are Interested in Below
You’ll have to insert a dollar amount (even if it is $0) to Sign up and get that month’s address and the zoom link.
See You in the Charrette!

October, 2022 Design Charrette

Oct. 9th Design Charrette

2:00 | Design of .9 Acre Homestead – Anderson, IN
3:15 | Q&A Session
4:00 | Workshop:
Super Clean Composting Toilet

Minimum price: $0.00


November, 2022 Design Charrette

Nov. 13th Design Charrette

2:00 | Design of .23 Acre Urban Lot  – Bloomington, IL
3:15 | Q&A Session
4:00 | Workshop: Fermentation

Minimum price: $0.00


December, 2022 Design Charrette

Dec. 11th Design Charrette

2:00 | Design of .4 Acre Suburban Homestead  – Stelle, IL
3:15 | Q&A Session
4:00 | Workshop: Thermal Mass Rocket Stoves

Minimum price: $0.00


Future Workshop Topics:

  • Coppicing & Pollarding
  • Vermicomposting
  • Mushrooms
  • Guilds
  • Linear Food Forests
  • Aquaponics
  • Rocket Stoves
  • Plant Families
  • Keyline Plowing & Design
  • Swales
  • Foraging
  • Earth-Air Tubes
  • Beekeeping
  • and More!

The Bigger Picture

The goal of these Charrettes is to provide the opportunity for all of us to practice our permaculture observation and design skills. THE ONLY WAY TO GET BETTER AT DESIGNING IS TO PRACTICE. These sessions will also be a great way to ‘rub elbows’ with other permaculture thinking people.

Anyone is welcome to submit their project, challenges, and general questions during the charrettes as time allows. Bill and the design team will respond to questions and ensure space for other’s thoughts and ideas. 

Cameras On
Bill will not teach to a screen of blank boxes so if you decide to join us in these charrettes we ask that you have your camera on.  If we wish to work toward creating a more ‘permanent culture’ this will have to include our willingness and ability to connect better with others. The Achille’s heal of most permaculture projects or activities is not the design piece, it is the people piece. If you would prefer to learn permaculture in greater privacy our recorded trainings would probably be more to your liking. We get it if this is what you would prefer.

We look forward to greeting all who can join us for these fun, live, charrette sessions!

Cheers…. Megan and Milton