Next Available PDC Course

In-Person in Stelle, IL Jun. 17-24, 2023

Next Available PDC Course

In-Person in Stelle, IL Jun.17-24, 2023

On-Demand PDC
Available April 1st

Our Internationally Recognized
Midwest Permaculture PDC Course

Experience a full PDC course, at your own pace, on your own terms.

Students and other teachers tell us we have created one of the most enlightening, enjoyable and powerful Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) Courses anywhere. We hope this is true as we have always been focused on continually improving our trainings with each successive course. 

We will deliver our 100th PDC Course this year and yet with all these trainings behind us, the contents is still exciting and relevant to us as teachers. We love sharing this amazing curriculum with interested students. 

So, to make this course more readily available to others, we have taken the recordings of one of our recent,  online PDC courses, (#93) and enhanced it to be a deeply informative experience. You will be a fly on the wall of an actual PDC course. 

An online permaculture student

This is a High-Touch, Self-Study Course
We are Available to You in Three Ways

You are not alone during this self-study adventure. If you come up with questions, get stuck, or wish to discuss some aspect of the curriculum, or even your own project, we’re here for you in 3-ways.

  1. Chat Forum:
    There is a live chat forum with this self-study course which we monitor, and we aim to respond to inquiries within 24-hours or less. 
  2. Office Hours:
    Just like college professors, we keep office hours twice a month. With registration you will receive our office hours zoom link and you are invited to stop in anytime during this period. Bill will typically be there along with either Milton, Megan, Will or Becky. These are typically scheduled for the first Monday of the month (9:00-10:30 am Central) and the 3rd Monday of the month (5:00-6:30 pm Central).
  3. Monthly Design Charrettes:
    We brainstorm a different design project each month. First, we make an assessment of the project and site (soil, climate, topography, watershed) and then make our first stabs at a permaculture design in real time. What are the obvious opportunities in each site related to the project goals? This is typically on the 2nd Sunday of each month from 2:00-4:30 pm Central time. (More on the Charrettes)
Join Bill, and at Least One Other Team Member, During Office Hours Twice a Month

And if you haven’t already found this other page…

Pricing and Registration (Available April 1)

On-Demand Course Options

Option 1: Full 72-hour PDC

–You’ll receive our entire 72-hour course with all the nuance of being in the classroom with other students. Work at your own pace. Learn. Find clarity and inspiration.

Option 2: Add PDC Certificate

–Turn in your notes on all webinars, sessions and design exercises for review/verification and receive the Internationally Recognized PDC Certificate, signed by Bill Wilson.

Option 3: Add Consultation



Small Farm

Would you like us to Review your Final Design Project, share our assessment, and make recommendations to you? Add it to either course option when you register or later.

  • Residential Property up to 1-acre (1.5 hour Consultation):  List $495  –  Your Price $300
  • Homestead Property 1-10 acres (2 hours Consultation):  List $645  –  Your Price $400
  • Small Farm over 10-acres (2.5 hours Consultation): List $795  –  Your Price $500
Bill Wilson – Lead Designer/Trainer at Midwest Permaculture

Why This New Design Training?

A word from Bill…

      I’m glad you are considering this training. If you have wanted to take a PDC for a while, but time or resources haven’t allowed a commitment to one of our live courses, this recorded one may be perfect for you.
      Having walked over 2000 students and clients through the foundational permaculture design process, we know how to communicate what is necessary and impactful to bring this subject to life. 
      By offering this course in a recorded format, you get to learn from home, eliminate scheduling conflicts, design your own property (if you have that), and receive a phenomenal permaculture training at a much more reasonable price point. This is a true permaculture model in efficiency.
      Our goal at Midwest Permaculture is to get permaculture thinking/living/designing out into the world. I trust that this training will help.

Here’s to creating beautiful and functional properties in the world…Bill

We'll Explore Other Student's Real Design Projects

Enjoy the recorded video sessions as Bill and team walk everyone through the full PDC curriculum.  Our students work their way up in the later sessions by breaking into small groups to creating multiple final permaculture designs for a handful of their properties. They share their final design work with everyone in the class and we as instructors add our comments and will even make a few additional suggestions to their design if we feel it might improve it. This goes beyond design theory or exercises; these are real people, with real properties and tangible goals, who have laid out their best design work after gaining the knowledge from the PDC course.

You don't need to own property to take this course!

The PDC provides a fresh understanding of how each of us can significantly contribute to creating a more permanent and compassionate culture regardless of whether or not we own land. The majority of students in a PDC course are suburban/urban dwellers seeking a greater understanding of how things really work in the natural world, how to create abundance & security while working with nature, and how to be of genuine service in the world for a greater good.

"There would have been no way I could participate in a scheduled course but by squeezing in the hours when I have the time, I am now well over half-way through the training. I feel like I'm getting to know the original students in the course as I now recognize their voices as they ask their questions and make comments. I LOVE this training and am LEARNING SO MUCH! Thank you Bill, Megan and Milton. I'm looking forward to joining you during your office hours or at one of the upcoming charrettes."
Mom - Home Schooler - Garden and Yard Designer

Prefer a Live PDC Experience?

See our Schedule for Live Online & In-Person Training Options

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