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Sept. 30th-Oct. 7, 2023

The Permaculture Course

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What's Included:

This Course Covers How To:

All by using the 12 permaculture principles
and applying the Permaculture Ethics of:

– Care of People –
– Care of Earth –
– Care of the Future –
Bill Mollison

“Within a Permaculture designed system, wastes become resources, productivity and yields increase, work is minimized, and the environment is restored.”

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Bill Wilson

Why This New Training Option?

A personal note from Bill Wilson, our lead designer/trainer at Midwest Permaculture for 17 years …

A Look Into the Course

This is session #1 of our 72-hour recorded PDC course. We offer this session for free so you can become more familiar with permaculture, our teaching style, and what the course is really like.

Each topic discussed is marked by a video chapter. Below the video, all of the accompanying resources and references from the session are available, just as they are with each session of the full course. Our goal is to make this course easy to navigate and revisit to review ideas again and again. 

Download Session 1

Presentation/s (PPTs) Shared in This Session:

  • Session #1.PPT- Available for Download to Registered Students



Additional Resources:

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The Option to Earn your Certificate

This on-demand course costs $495, which is about half the price of our live online course. Taking the course on its own may be enough for those who just want to be exposed to the information. But for those who would like to do more with permaculture like become a designer, start an installation business, or teach, adding on the internationally recognized permaculture design certificate is best practice.

To earn a design certificate, you will have to watch all of the course sessions and submit notes for each one along with the 6-required design exercises. Once you submit your work for our review, and we confirm it is complete, you will be considered a PDC graduate. Your Midwest Permaculture certificate will be sent to you in the mail, signed by Bill Wilson.

We can Support You Every Step of the Way


  1. Chat Forum:
    There is a live chat forum in this self-study course which we monitor. We aim to respond to inquiries within 24 hours or less. 
  2. Office Hours:
    Just like college professors, we will be keeping office hours twice a month for students. With registration, new students will receive our office hours zoom link and are invited to stop in during the posted times. Bill will typically be there along with either Milton, Megan, Will or Becky. Office Hours are scheduled for the first Monday of each month from 9:00-10:30 am and the 3rd Monday from 5:00-6:30 pm (Central). 
  3. Design Charrettes:
    Relaxed live learning sessions where we brainstorm a different design project in real-time with other graduates and permaculture enthusiasts. We hold charrettes on the 2nd Sunday of every other month from 2:00-4:30 pm Central time. (More on the Charrettes)
  4. One-on-One Consultation Time:
    When you have done all you can on your own design, and still feel that you would like to get our input, we offer discounted pricing to our registered students and course graduates (PDC, PDMC & FOP).

And yes, the PDC course is a great option for teens & young adults! (14+)

“I understand the world around me differently for this course and highly recommend it for all, especially high school students.”

-Kaitlin Smith

CEO of Simple Mills and MWP Graduate

And you certainly don't need to own property to take this course!

The PDC provides a fresh understanding of how each of us can significantly contribute to creating a more permanent and compassionate culture, regardless of whether or not we own land. The majority of students in our PDC course are suburban/urban dwellers seeking a greater understanding of how things really work in the natural world, how to create abundance & security around the home they are living in, and how one could be of genuine service in the world to serve the greater good. As one of our students said (a retired US Marine Colonel) “I wish every high school student in the world could take this course!”

"There would have been no way I could have participated in a scheduled course, but by squeezing in the hours when I have the time, I am now well over half-way through the training. I feel like I'm getting to know the original students in the course as I now recognize their voices as they ask their questions and make comments. I LOVE this training and am LEARNING SO MUCH! Thank you Bill, Megan and Milton. I'm looking forward to joining you during your office hours or at one of the upcoming charrettes."
Mom - Home Schooler - Garden and Yard Designer

Review 6 Actual Final-Design Projects

Learn by Seeing Other's Collective Work

During the live course we edited to create the recorded PDC, we chose 6 of our students’ properties to use for group final design projects. They were then given 5-6 hours of class time to create a final design as a team.  The students then shared their final design work and the MWP team lent our advice and helpful suggestions. This goes beyond design theory or exercises; these are real people, with real properties and tangible goals, who have laid out their best design work after gaining the knowledge from the PDC course. There is much to learn from these sessions!

Pricing and Registration

Option 1: Full 72-hour PDC

You’ll receive our entire 72-hour course with all the nuance of being in the classroom with other students. Work at your own pace. Learn. Find clarity and inspiration.
(Return to this page after placing this in your cart if you wish to add earning your PDC Certificate, or a consultation, to your learning objectives.)

Option 2: Add PDC Certificate

Turn in your notes on all webinars, sessions and design exercises for review/verification and earn the Internationally Recognized PDC Certificate, by Midwest Permaculture, signed by Bill Wilson.
(Return to this page if you wish to add a private consultation to your design goals.)

Option 3: Add Consultation



Small Farm

Would you like us to Review your Final Design Project, share our assessment, and make recommendations to you? You can add this now as you register, or later. There is no cost difference. Go through the course and order this consultation later if you are not sure. We offer all students of this On-Demand PDC Course a substantial discount for our design time.
(To all our PDC Graduates, this offer is to you as well. Simply click on one of the consultation options above and we will contact you after purchase to arrange a time.)

  • Residential Property up to 1-acre (1.5 hour Consultation):  List $495  –  Your Price $300
  • Homestead Property 1-10 acres (2 hours Consultation):  List $645  –  Your Price $400
  • Small Farm over 10-acres (2.5 hours Consultation): List $795  –  Your Price $500

Prefer a Live PDC Experience?

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