Upcoming Online PDC

Beginning Jan. 10th

Upcoming Online PDC

Beginning Jan. 10th

PDC Graduates

Feedback from our PDC Course Graduates

I cannot thank you enough for last week. Not only is the curriculum exceptional, but you created such a congenial environment. It’s a lot of material for 72 hours but not only did you check all the boxes and get through the material, you added life and humanism throughout the whole training. Your transparency with your life, passions, and motivations were really what set your course and styling of teaching apart.
Onsite PDC Course #88 at Bending Oak – June 2021
Ashlee Veghte – Builder. Contractor. 15-acre Homesteader. Tennessee.

Video clips of several students from our First Online PDC, March 2021 – Course #86

Katlin Smith – Business Owner
PDC Course #84 – Fall 2019
Straight up incredible. Even as someone who was less than familiar with agriculture and has never spent time on a farm, I found it incredibly valuable. Bill is a remarkable teacher, probably one of the most gifted teachers I’ve ever come across. I had no idea how impactful that would be in my selection of a permaculture course. He helps you understand the full picture at a micro and macro level… at both a logical and emotional level. He ensures everyone follows along, he’s funny, he’s passionate, he’s engaging. I never thought 10 hours a day in class would be so easy. I wish this course were mandatory for everyone as a citizen of the world. I understand the world around me differently for this course and highly recommend it for all.

PDC Course #84 – Fall 2019
I had the fortunate opportunity to attend the Fall 2019 course. I come from the corporate/suburban world and was not quite sure what to expect. Bill and Becky put on a first class event. Bill is a remarkable human and anyone would be fortunate to spend time with him. He is so passionate about permaculture and leaving the world better than we found it. There is something in this week for everyone and the sense of community that I felt with everyone else was awesome! I highly recommend the courses offered by Midwest Permaculture!
Kirsten Spainhower – International Aid & Development
PDC Course # 83 – Fall 2019
I took the Permaculture Design Certification course and absolutely love it. It was interesting, inspiring, and most of all gave me a lot of hope. Becky and Bill helped me move from an armchair permaculturist to one ready to take on actual projects. The training exposed me to a variety of approaches that could be adapted to a range of challenges. Most important they teach with heart and it really shows in what they share. I stayed in a charming little cob earth house in Stelle and had a lovely time. The food is also fantastic. The course was a lot of bang for the buck. I’m so glad I found these folks.
Meg M. – Community Garden Admin
PDC Course #80 – March 2019
“I learned a TON! The information was presented at a level that everyone could understand while the more
knowledgeable and experienced people in our class were also blown away by the depth of useful content. I realize now that permaculture is about the skills needed to be a responsible human on this planet. This course was a paradigm shift for me. Thank you Bill and Becky.”

Jimi – Small Business Owner
2 years following his PDC 
Bill, we made a deal on 30 acres in Kentucky. So grateful for my PDC as I felt confident enough to make this leap.  Got a good deal too as it is considered  ‘less than desirable’ land. Not so at all. It’s perfect for a permaculture design. Finally have our own land!


I got my Permaculture Certificate with Bill Wilson of Midwest Permaculture, and I really can’t imagine a better teacher.  Bill has years of experience and thus so many examples with which to bring the concepts alive.  His real world examples left me feeling that everything I learned was not just a glorified theory, but rather a perfectly possible practice.  Terry K. 

How the Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course has influenced our graduates lives and their work.

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