Step-By-Step Site Data PDF Guide

How To Access Site Data - Online - for Free!

Before we can create a permaculture design for any piece of property we first have to obtain the technical site data so that we know what assets and challenges we are likely working with.

    • Is the soil sandy, silty or full of clay?
    • What is the slope of the property?
    • What is the climate?
    • How much rainfall do we have to work with each month?
    • How many gallons of rainwater come off the roof structures?
    • Are we at the top or near the bottom of the watershed?
    • What direction are the predominant winds coming from throughout the seasons?
    • How does the sun move across the property.
    • How might the neighboring property be affecting this property?
    • How was the property used in previous years?
    • What are the plants that are most common for this area and its soils. 
    • Etc.

It took us a while to figure out how to find all of this data, so to save our permaculture course students time, we created a step-by-step visual guide (PDF) that lays out the entire process for them. This includes what websites to visit and what files to upload to access all of this data for free. 

We figure there would be many others besides our students who could benefit from this guide as well so we are sharing it for free here. Accessing this information is just too valuable to not be made available to everyone.

Here you go. 

Just carefully follow the instructions in the free PDF below. 

Now, if you’d like to watch us access this data live (recorded workshop) and listen to how we interpret this data and apply it to the design process you would likely enjoy our Data and Design Workshop Package. It’s only $20.

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We hope either or both of these will support you on your own permaculture journey.

 – The Midwest Permaculture Design Team –