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Becky Wilson
Becky Wilson

If you have any questions or wish to register for a course or workshop, please contact our office by email or phone. Email is best!

Phone: 815-256-2215

Please Note:
We have a rural telephone carrier and sometimes calls do not make it through to us even though you may hear ringing on your end. If your call does not go through the best bet for reaching us is through email.

If your call does make it through and you reach our answering machine, please leave your phone number we will call you… Promise.

If you have left your phone number and we have not returned your call then there is something wrong with our return call getting to you. Often times unfamiliar numbers coming to you are screened. If this happens, we have no other way to reach you. 🙁

This is why we recommend you email us. 

Sorry for this inconvenience.
We don’t like it either. But regardless, we look forward to hearing from you.