Cal-Earth and Permaculture in the Bahamas

Bill in Bahamas
At the same time as the 36-inch snow storm hit the East Coast of the US in early February (2013), I found myself standing on an island in the Bahamas.  With no way to ‘escape’ I decided to accept my situation and make the best of it.  I had been invited to speak at a Peace Symposium hosted by the Sivananda Yoga Retreat located on Paradise Island just north of Nassau.  
 Eleuthera Island School - Bahamas (1)
When the symposium had finished, I make my way to the island of Eleuthera (map) where I had learned about a school and research institute that had incorporated permaculture into their campus.  As long as I was in the area I wanted to be sure to visit. With my good friend Swami Omkaranada, we arrived at the Cape Eleuthera Institute and found almost a dozen superadobe vaulted arches that are exactly like the ones we stay in when we teach our annual Permaculture & Earth Building Course at Cal-Earth in Hesperia, CA.
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