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We teach the fundamentals of plant guild design at every Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course we host.
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Bryce Ruddock

Integrated Forest Gardening
Released in 2015
From our Friends and Associates…
Bryce, Dan and Wayne.

Bryce is Midwest Permaculture’s Official ‘Plant Guy’. When we have questions about plants or need detailed design work for clients, he’s our go-to guy and wonderful to work with as well.

 Integrated Forest Gardening - Released July 2014

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Graduates in the News

It’s always exciting when we hear about the mainstream media picking up on permaculture and even more so when they’re talking about graduates of Midwest Permaculture. Here are a couple of these recent appearances in the news:

Kate Heiber-Cobb 

Wisconsin State Journal

Kate Heiber-Cobb, A graduate of our Fall of 2007 PDC course, was mentioned recently in The Wisconsin State Journal. The article highlights several Madison residents for whom “…being green is an everyday commitment”.  Also, be sure to check out her upcoming event with Brad Lancaster, author of the book Water Harvesting in Drylands and Beyond

Chicago Tribune

Even I, Milton, (a graduate of the Summer 2009 PDC), was recently quoted in an article in the Chicago Tribune about a Gary, IN man, Marshall Willoughby, who has gone to the extreme to create a sustainable lifestyle. They didn’t quite capture my full thought, though. It went something like: “You can spend energy working against nature and fit in with society or you can spend energy working against society and fit in with nature.” In the end, though, nature is going to win.

Marshall Willoughby