Our Perennial Yields Increase

I’d like to invite you to take a walk with me around our yard at Midwest Permaculture.  None of these plants existed 5 years ago when we started experimenting with perennial plants, trees and shrubs.  

And all off this was produced with almost NO WORK on our part this year!!!  

Other than caring for the general area, the plants surrounding these productive crops are doing the majority of the work of keeping ‘weeds’ down, fertilizing the area and holding in moisture.  

We are really experiencing the benefits and yields of permaculture designing with the use of perennial plants!

10 Perennial Crops at Midwest Permaculture – July 2013

1 – Peach  

Bill and the Peach Tree

Perennial Walk  at Midwest Permaculture (1)Above is one of 4 peach trees we have on our property. The tree is locate on the back of a berm that we constructed which holds overflow water from our rain tank and side yard.  With little extra watering it has grown to this size in 3 years.  It was a two year tree when we planted it.  We had to knock off half of the peaches this year because there were just too many but we estimate there are still 300 on this one tree.  The peaches should be ripe and ready to pick soon.



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