Farewell Frank

Frank Fekonia – Queensland, Australia



A Great Video Short

Goodbye to a real Permaculture Innovator

There are many creative permaculture folk in the world (thank goodness) but few had the spunk and vibrato that Frank had. He passed away last month but some of his creativity lives on in the spontaneous YouTube videos that we continue to use in our Permaculture Design Certification Courses. They demonstrate clearly what ‘thinking outside of the box’ truly looks like.

A million “Thank-Yous” Frank for your generous and creative gifts.

Video of Frank and His Refrigerator Grow Beds

Loof for Frank’s other two videos on YouTube once you view this one.

Homemade Grow Boxes

Self Irrigating PlanterI Loved this YouTube Video
Frank and his Homemade Grow Boxes

Build Your Own Self Irrigating Planter (SIP)
Meet Frank Fekonia from Queensland, Australia. Living in a relatively dry climate on a south facing slope he needed to come up with a way of growing bountiful gardens on rocky soil, on steep terrain, and with little water. Similar to the SIP, why not build tall raised beds or planters that conserve water while minimizing the amount of bending over to work the beds. Certainly he could figure out a way to build them for under $200 each. He did better than that. He built over a dozen of them for almost ‘nothink’. I love the creativity of Franks idea.