Cal-Earth – The PDC Portion of the Combined Earth Building and Permaculture Training

Week 2 – The Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course.
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We not only taught this course to 24 students from around the world (Europe, Middle East, Africa) but we also trained 7 of Cal-Earth’s staff. and 2 of their interns. Nader Khalili was just months away from hosting the first PDC course at Cal-Earth when he unexpectedly passed in 2008. To honor their father and the 20th anniversary of Cal-Earth, Dastan and Sheefteh Khalili, Nader’s children, invited us to deliver our PDC course.  As Ian Lodge (director at Cal-Earth) told us , “the hard work of proving the viability of superadobe structures is done.  It’s now time to look at the total environment, to see how much better the buildings and the land around them can function together to benefit the people living in them.”

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Permaculture in the New York Times

Permaculture has long been on the fringes, I think for good reason. Why expend the energy and effort to create any kind of comprehensive design when an abundance of cheap energy is available to make up for any deficiencies? Of course, as the price of energy increases, the benefits of that one time investment in design increase to the point where it no longer makes sense to do things the old way. Permaculture, as a way to design our lives, becomes more and more relevant.

I think we have passed that point and the initial investment now pays ever growing dividends.  It’s to the point that even the New York Times is beginning to take notice. And who might appear in this article but none other than one of our instructors, Wayne Weisman of the Pemaculture Project. I think Wayne sums things up quite succinctly:

“We know what’s right,” Mr. Weiseman said. “We know what’s best. We feel this thing in our bones and in our heart. And then we don’t do anything about it. Or we do. And I did. And it’s bearing fruit.”

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