On-Site PDC in the St. Louis Area

Sept. 30th-Oct. 7, 2023

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Teaching Permaculture

We are still considering dates for a 2023 Teacher Training. Please check back.

Midwest Permaculture, Stelle, IL

Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course

Learn how to teach this brilliant subject from two experienced and passionate permaculture teachers.

Bill and Becky Wilson Teaching

Becky and Bill Wilson of Midwest Permaculture are the instructors for all of our teacher trainings. Many of our students have gone on to lead multiple workshops and some are teaching their own PDC courses now. Bill and Becky’s philosophy:

“Teaching is about providing key and helpful information and then supporting the student in building upon what they already know!”

Who is this Training For?

This training is for graduates of the 72-Hour Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) Course who wish to become competent and inspiring teachers of this brilliant design/living approach called permaculture.

Every student gets to teach what we call mini-sessions to practice their new skills. Adam here is teaching about this hugelkultur bed in Bill and Becky’s back yard.

What Will Be Covered?

How do people really learn; – Teaching techniques for different learning styles; – How to prepare to deliver 1-hour, 1-day, 1-weekend, or the full PDC courses; – How to improve one’s teaching skills; – How to start one’s own teaching/educational business.

What to Expect from this Training

The primary focus will be on how one becomes an effective permaculture teacher. People who are passionate and committed to living and teaching an authentic way of living on the planet will likely find this training invaluable. During the week, and under the experienced guidance of Becky and Bill, students will be compassionately supported in exploring those parts of themselves that make us all more effective teachers and communicators, and not just of permaculture. We will also offer each student teacher a wealth of practical-permaculture resources from which to draw upon while they are developing their permaculture teaching curriculums, skills and business. This includes Midwest permaculture’s full PDC course curriculum. We will identify some of the key pieces and aspects of our PDC Courses that really make an impression on most students and why. Bottom-line: How do we transfer the brilliance and possibilities of permaculture to the general public?

Bianca went on to give an enlightening and heart-felt TED Talk where she is modeling many of the things we discuss in our teacher trainings. If you are interested in community or relationships in general, this talk is a must. Thank You Bianca!

Why do you want to be a teacher of permaculture?

Is it because you simply want to make money teaching something that is considered ‘Green’? Is it because it looks easy to market and host permaculture trainings? Or is it because permaculture is in your bones and you just have to share your passion for this approach to living with others? Bingo…! Who are the ideal Permaculture Teachers? In our opinion, it starts with the person who is willing to share their love of permaculture with others, whether they receive financial compensation for it or not. It is the one who knows that the deeper insight into permaculture is its ethical underpinning–seeking to find ways of healing the planet while caring for the human condition. It is the person who is passionate about sharing this inspiration and information, but they are also solid within themselves. We have found that it is not what a person teaches or how they teach that is so important, but rather who they are as a person of integrity that usually makes the difference between an adequate teacher and a great one.

Are you willing to come from your core when you teach and have loads of fun while you are doing it? If so, then this training is an excellent fit for you.

Olive and Erik Peterson

Are both Midwest Permaculture Teacher Training Graduates. They met at a PDC course and decided to make permaculture a key part of their life’s journey together as a married couple.

They now own land in Ohio and are 7 years into creating their permaculture educational homestead called Fern Hollow Farm

They now host their own PDC courses right on the farm. 

Sharon Bagatell

Was a long-time permaculturist and resident of Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage. A natural teacher in her own right, she took her teacher training with us and has since hosted and taught several PDC courses and multiple workshops.

“Bill and Becky, this training was so incredibly helpful. Thank You!”

Course Fee

The price for this course including Bill and Becky Wilson as full-time teachers, all meals, camping space (with shower facilities), training handouts and other educational and teaching materials runs about $1,500. 

Pre-Training Assignment

Once you are registered you will receive a welcome email with the pre-training assignments attached to it. It will take about 4-5 hours to complete the simple Q&A and a short teaching segment.  

Low Risk Cancellation and Refund Policy

We know unexpected things happen or come up. Therefore, should a student need to cancel their enrollment in this training there is a full refund less $150. This can be applied as credit toward another MWP training. There are no refunds for cancellations or for withdrawals once the course begins. However, in certain circumstances, we may extend partial credit towards a future training. 

Questions? Need to talk this through a bit? Feel free to email or call Becky. 815-216-4124‬