Vegan Permaculture Design Course

Vegan Permaculture Design Course

Taught by the Wild Earth Permaculture Team
Hosted at Midwest Permaculture, Stelle, IL
June 13-25, 2020 Canceled due to Covid-19

We are now looking at 2021 dates
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    Joe was a focused and motivated student at one of our 2014 PDC Courses. He and a friend had purchased a farm in Kentucky to create one of the very first vegan-permaculture farms in the US. They also established it for the care of rescued animals. 

    Joe with Becky and Bill Wilson at Midwest Permaculture

    Dedicated to sharing with others, they started hosting a Vegan PDC Courses on their farm inviting Graham Burnett, the British author of The Vegan Book of Permaculture, to lead these uniquely focused trainings.

    Graham Burnett Teaching a Vegan Focused Permaculture Course

    Joe contacted us earlier this year looking for a back-up location for the 2020 Vegan PDC course due to unavoidable circumstances at their farm.  We are delighted to host the Wild Earth team here in Stelle, right here where Joe took his own PDC training 5-years ago. 

    How will this course differ from a Midwest Permaculture PDC?

    All of us who deliver the PDC course agree to cover the basic content and curriculum outlined by the founder of permaculture, Bill Mollison. Following this curriculum is what a Permaculture Design Course is.

    But withing this curriculum there is a 10-15% margin for adding special material unique to a particular location or teacher. This vegan PDC will take that 10-15% to approach whole-system design with a perspective that includes…

      1. …the elimination of the raising of domesticated animals for food but rather encouraging the naturally occurring animals/organisms that live above and below ground to help build the overall health and abundance of a plant-based system for humans.
      2. …the care of rescued animals while searching for ways that they can make a positive contribution to an ecosystem while also living their lives in safety and abundance.
      3. …an extra emphasis on the growing of vegetables. 

    All other aspects of a vegan approach to permaculture should be covered in any other PDC course, including ours. 

    Classroom at Midwest Permaculture

    What to expect at this course.
    –  A 12-Day course with little pre-training required ahead of time.
    –  Graham Burnett as lead instructor.
    –  Decades of ecological-vegan living and experience to share.
    –  Bill and Becky as hosts and occastional guest lecturers.
    –  Tours and exposure to Midwest Permaculture’s work in Stelle including rain gardens, swales, plant guilds, young food forests, a cabin made from local clay/sand/stone, and more.

    What You’ll Experience while in Stelle

    Tours of Bill and Becky's Permaculture Yard
    A Close-up Look at Various Plant Guilds and Linear Food Forests
    3 Wonderful Vegan Meals per Day
    An Upfront Look at How We Designed and Built our Earth Shelter
    You Will Be Able to Step Inside for a Closer Look
    Learn About How we Turned This...
    ...Into This! (1/4 acre pond)
    The Internationally Recognized Permaculture Design Course (PDC) Certificate from Wild Earth Farm & Graham Burnett... and the opportunity to meet other wonderful people who are also passionate about caring for people, planet and animals!

    If you have questions about Stelle, feel free to contact us at Midwest Permaculture.
    Becky@Midwest  –  815-256-2215

    For more information about the training, Graham Burnett, the Wild Earth team and to register, head over to their website.
    Wild Earth Vegan Permaculture Course

    We hope to see you in Stelle this summer and are excited to have Graham and the Wild Earth team here!