Our Instructors

Bill Wilson – Certifying Instructor and Lead Designer
Cofounder of Midwest Permaculture

Bill Teaching at a PDC Course


Hooman Fazly, Bill Wilson, Geoff Lawton at Cal-Earth

Bill in conference at Cal-Earth with Geoff Lawton (R) director of the Permaculture Research Institute of Australia and Hooman Fazly, designer/builder for Cal-Earth.


Becky Wilson with Nadia Lawton

Becky with Nadia Lawton of Permaculture Research Institute Jordan


Becky Wilson with Darren Doherty

Becky with Darren Doherty, World Expert on Permaculture and Dryland Farming

Bill is the lead instructor and designer for Midwest Permaculture. He and Becky have hosted and taught at over 50 PDC courses and now have over 1,000 graduates of their Permaculture Design Certificate Courses. 

Bill holds 2 Advanced Permaculture Training Certificates, one in permaculture design and the other in teaching.  He took his Permaculture Teacher’s Training with Jude Hobbs of the Permaculture Institute, USA.  Jude is a Bill Mollison trained teacher and designer.

Having lived in a sustainably oriented community for 35 years, Bill has had a front row seat in learning what it takes to create authentic-permanent culture (permaculture).


“Bill, I have been a teacher for over 40 years.  Your ability to deliver useful information in such interesting and varied ways helped us deeply understand permaculture.  This week flew by.  I did not want it to end. And I was deeply inspired by the openness and honesty that you and Becky shared with all of us. Please keep teaching!”
Lea – Recently Retired Public School Teacher and Administrator


Midwest Permaculture is Bill’s full-time work consisting of managing, teaching, speaking, writing, and providing permaculture design services.


“Bill, this has been a wonderful educational experience, worth every penny and minute of my time.”
Lucille – Tenured University Professor


Bill, and his wife/partner Rebecca, are creating a permaculture oasis surrounding their traditional suburban home, pictures of which may be found here.

For more on Bill & Becky’s thoughts on permaculture, click here.


“Bill, Thanks so much for coming to Purdue and inspiring us. In my opinion, your overview of permaculture was one of the best presentations we’ve had at Purdue in many years.

Brent Ladd, Center for the Environment
Purdue University
Click Here for a Picture Summary of this Purdue Training 


Bill has been interviewed on National Public Radio (“Worldview” with Jerome McDonnell and  “Here on Earth” with Jean Faraka),  Peak Moment Television and other programs. He speaks widely, welcoming requests with the goal of helping others understand the simple genius behind permaculture concepts and design.


View a 28-Minute Interview with Bill
from Peak Moment Television (15,000+ viewings)

“The Heart of Permaculture”


Janaia Donaldson is the host of Peak Moment.
– Below are Comments that she received from this interview — “This man just summed up the entirety of life in this short interview.  Bravo!!!!  I thank you both for this interview, keep up the continued efforts!!!!”Cate F. – Australia

“Wonderful – one of the best! I love Bill and his philosophies.  I took the online part of the Midwest Permaculture PDC last spring.  Even if I never get out there for the hands-on week, the online webinar was well worth the time and money. 

“Janaia, one of the BEST Peak Moment interviews.  Thank you very much, and greetings from Germany.”

This interview was #157.

There are many more great interviews here at Peak Moment.



Listen to an interview with Bill from The Permaculture Podcast, with Scott Mann.

Becky Wilson – Certified Instructor
Co-founder of Midwest Permaculture 

Rosemary Morrow

Becky – A Good Peach Year

Becky earned her Permaculture Design Certificate in 2007 and her Permaculture Teaching Certificate in 2011, the latter from Rosemary Morrow.

Rosemary is a respected scientist, agriculturalist and elder in the permaculture world.  She is also well  noted for her popular text, The Earth User’s Guide to Permaculture, which is the book we use for all of our PDC courses.

Besides being active in family and community life, Becky has served as the Stelle Community Association Manager for 18 years and served as the Community Association Board President for 8 years.  

From these experiences she has developed a strong understanding of community process and development.




Milton Dixon – Certified Instructor
Urban Permaculturist, Wild-Edibles Forager, Internet-technology Guru

Milton Dixon - Midwest Permaculture Milton has been assisting with Midwest Permaculture’s webinars and trainings from almost the beginning.  As an urban dweller, he has taken many creative steps toward a more permaculture lifestyle including foraging for fruit in parks and alleyways, planting gardens, making wine and growing mushrooms…to name a few. He is accomplished at identifying edible-wild plants and took his Advance Permaculture Teacher’s Training with David Jacke (author of Edible Forest Gardens) in 2010.

Milton brings a spontaneity and youthfulness that is contagious and very complementary to Bill and Becky’s style of teaching.

Students continue to tell us that Bill, Becky and Milton make an excellent teaching team.

Pictured below: Milton Leading a Wild Edibles Walk

Milton Dixon on Permaculture Walk

“I was inspired by Milton’s teaching and his passion.”

“Milton added such a sense of joy and levity.  His interest in plants 
and ‘all things permaculture’ is contagious.”

“What a gem Milton is.  He adds such a nice balance to the Bill and Becky team.”


Bryce Ruddock – Guest Instructor
A Walking ‘Plant Encyclopedia’ – Gardener Extraordinaire – Plant Forager
Midwest Permaculture PDC Graduate 
Co-author of new book:  Integrated Forest Gardening

Bryce holds a Permaculture Design Course Certificate (with Midwest Permaculture) and received his Permaculture Teachers Training Certificate with Jude Hobbs of the Permaculture Research Institute U.S.

He has been practicing permaculture techniques at his suburban property in South Milwaukee since 1984 with his wife Debby.  They are currently redesigning their 1/4 acre home site to allow for year-round food and forest products harvest.

Because of his vast plant knowledge, Bryce has been designated as Midwest Permaculture’s official ‘Plant-Guy.’  As such, he and Debbie host the “Plant Guild” public forum on our networking site.

Below: Bryce harvesting wild rice from one of his ponds in his backyard.Bryce Ruddock or South Milwaukee

Bryce Ruddock Harvesting his Rice Crop

Click Here for a picture narrative of Bryce’s rice growing experiment.

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