Office Hours

For all Registered Students and Graduates of our Permaculture Courses

We Know How Important it is To Have Access to Your Teachers.

We’ve been there too — taking a training and a nagging question comes up that is just not clearly addressed. So, as with college professors, twice a month Bill makes it a point to be at his desk and available to our students, over Zoom, to answer questions, discuss concerns or even explore some feature of a student’s own project or design. If no one shows up…. fine. We will be in the room working on something anyway. Poke your head in at any time during these 90-minute periods, even to just say ‘hi’, and leave whenever you like. 

Bill will be Available to Field Questions

With One or More Members of our Experienced Teaching and Design Team

Becky, Will, Megan, or Milton

Office Hours Schedule

1st Monday of Each Month
9:00 – 10:30 am

3rd Monday of Each Month
5:00 – 6:30 pm

‘Zoom’ In Anytime During These Periods
Stay as Long as You’d Like
Ask Questions or Just Listen In

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Who Has Access to Office Hours?

All Registered Students and Graduates of our PDC Courses
(In-Person or On-Line)
Also invited are our Property Design Mini-Course
& FOP Webinar Students.

We’d love to see many of our past graduates.
We’re still here rooting for you!