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We have PDC Course Graduates from ages 16-81

Covid-19: We are Sorry, but all 2020 Courses had to be Canceled! Ugh!

Students may start their PDC course now anyway!
All of our courses begin with the Foundations of Permaculture Webinar Series.  Why not begin your studies now and take the on-site portion of the course in 2021.

"What a wonderful surprise. This course was one of the most inspiring, informational and useful experiences of my life. Bill and Becky are exceptional teachers. If feel I got more out of this short training than I did from my 4 years of college! Brilliant."
Deborah M. (40) - Homesteader, Homeschooler

Upcoming Canceled Schedule
Please Check Back Later this Year for our 2021 Schedule - Thank You

We Sort Through the Ocean of Permaculture Information
to bring our students what we sense is truly essential and useful.

We deliver enlivening-permaculture trainings that we trust will stick with students for a lifetime.
We honor the traditional PDC curriculum while updating it with present day developments.
Our instructors are not only passionate about the subject but are excellent teachers and active permaculture practitioners.
Students tell us this training has saved them years of self study and costly trial and error.
Why? We focus on the nuts, the bolts and the brilliance of Permaculture.
Our passion is to deliver one of the best trainings in the world.
Here are some comments from our students.

Learn how to turn this...

Home of Midwest Permaculture BEFORE...

Home of Midwest Permaculture BEFORE...

...Into this.

Midwest Permaculture Today

...and 60 useful species of plants Today.

Or This...

Bec Hellouin Farm in 2005

Bec Hellouin Farm in 2005

...into This.

Be Hellouin Farm in 2015

...and in 2015.

The above photos of the Bec Hellouin farm are from their new book "Miraculous Abundance" by Perrine and Charles Herve-Gruyer.
We Highly Recommend Reading It...!!!

"An unbelievably great course.
I learned much more than I expected. I was looking for a realistic, practical and useful understanding of permaculture to apply to my life and 
I got it! Bill and Becky are real and down to earth. Two of the best teachers I've ever experienced."

Tim W. - 38 - Greenhouse Vegetable Grower - PDC Course Graduate

This used to be a grass lawn. Click on picture to learn about the trasition of Midwest Permaculture's suburban lot into a beautiful and productive foodscape.

Welcome... We started Midwest Permaculture in 2007 on a shoestring.

Deeply inspired by the brilliance and relevance of this life-design science we could clearly see how the application of permaculture design could solve so many of the challenges in the world today.

Becky and Bill Wilson

When we first became interested in the study of permaculture we could not find a training in our part of the country so we decided to start Midwest Permaculture to make it easier for others to learn more as well. 

We have an on-going commitment to delivering excellent trainings. Our goal is that each course be a slight improvement over the previous. Our trainings are alive, relevant and impactful.

Permaculture design and living is catching on because it clearly demonstrates how we as humans can create real security and abundance on this planet and not only for ourselves, but also for everyone else and for every living environment around the world. 

Welcome to the world of permaculture.  Whether you train with us or others you won't be sorry you opened the Permaculture door. It is so worth the exploration for it is nothing less than a deep exploration into what it means to co-create with life itself.

Bill & Becky Wilson
Co-founders of Midwest Permaculture

Click Here for more about how we deliver the Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) Course.

“This course has made me rethink everything I do, not only in my garden but in the world!  I have been an organic gardener for about 15 years but permaculture takes those concepts and applies them in such an all-consuming, logical way…it’s mind blowing!  I came home with a whole new approach to redesign my own yard and those of my friends and clients."

Jason – 40 – Gardener/Landscaper

Learn the Basics of Permaculture - Apply it Anywhere

In a full PDC course all of the basic principles and ideas behind a permaculture approach to designing or living are covered to meet Bill Mollison’s (co-founder of permaculture) requirements for a certificate of completion.

Therefore, it matters little where you live or where you take a design course.  You should be exposed to the fundamentals of permaculture thinking and design principles which will allow you to create positive living systems for just about any location or situation on the planet.

The fundamentals, the principles, and how one applies these to every-day living are the key to understanding permaculture at a useful level.

How we teach?  We use:
...design exercises
...hands-on experiences
...videos and webinars
...site tours
...guest instructors
...and open-frank discussions
-to help our students anchor their own understanding.  

The PDC course is not just about our gardens, homes or farms.  Permaculture is about our relationship to the quality of life we wish to create here on earth.

The education you receive from a Midwest Permaculture PDC will be universally applicable, practical, inspiring, and we trust, memorable.

We have hosted trainings in the plains, the mountains, the desert and the tropics.

Here is the Latest Post From our Growing Blog:

Another Experiment at Midwest Permaculture
How one can attractively store woody brush to give it time to break down.

Our intern Meg trimming some of the new growth off the austree-willow posts in this willow-brush fence.

Hello permaculture friends. We wanted to give something a try. We have not seen this exact design in the literature or on YouTube (although it certainly could be out there) but the idea is to use our yard brush while also building a sturdy fence. (read more…)

Bill Mollison - Permaculture's Co-Founder

Bill Mollison (1928-2016)

We extend our gratitude to co-founders Bill Mollison and David Holmgren for their gift of...

We are also thankful to so many other permaculture teachers, practitioners and designers, here in the US and around the world, who are doing the work of creating a more permanent culture and sharing their gifts so generously with others.


David Holmgren (1955 - )

"Though the problems of the world are increasingly complex,
the solutions remain embarrassingly simple."

Bill Mollison