Note: To deliver the full PDC curriculum in just 8-days, our courses are preceded with the Foundation of Permaculture Webinar series consisting of 14 hours of webinars, plus the text, plus a study guide. So anyone may begin a PDC Course whenever they like.

Benefits of Taking a PDC Course from Midwest Permaculture?
Our goal is to shorten a student’s journey into deeply understanding permaculture by 2-3 years.

We deliver the essential and most useful information about permaculture from the foundational curriculum contained in Bill Mollison’s Designers Manual and from our over 10 years of experience in teaching, designing and implementing permaculture. We’ve also been deeply inspired by David Holmgren and many other permaculture pioneers and visionaries–both present and past. We then present this concentrated learning experience to our students in an honest and engaging way. Our PDC courses are not dry-training experiences.   

We deliver on the nuts… the bolts… the theory… and the ‘how to do it!’

 – Bring Your Own Design Project to Work On at the Course –

“I learned everything I came to learn and so much more. I was never bored. Some of the other students and I joked at the end of each day that there was no way it could get any better–but it did. I even gained greater clarity for my own design project and am confident to implement it now.

Bill and Becky, you are master teachers and you surrounded us with other great people, guest teachers and experiences. Wonderful.”   (Tim W. – 40 – Greenhouse Vegetable Grower – 2015 PDC Grad)

Midwest Permaculture’s Key Offerings

Our Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) courses cover the essential elements contained in the curriculum outlined by Bill Mollison, the originator of this world-class training.

The richness of our trainings we believe comes from our 35-years of experience living in a sustainably-oriented community.  As such we have many useful insights into what it takes to create ‘permanent culture.’

Successful permaculture projects are built upon whole-integrated design including such key elements as water, soil, plants, energy, buildings and people. We’ll help you learn how to do that in most any climate.

Click Here for more about how we deliver the Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) Course.

Bill Wilson

Bill Wilson

Welcome… We started Midwest Permaculture in 2007 on a shoestring.

Deeply inspired by the brilliance and relevance of its ethics and design principles, we could clearly see how the application of permaculture design thinking could solve so many of the challenges in our world today. 

Since then, Midwest Permaculture has continued to grow each year.  We have delivered 60 PDC Courses and now have over 1,200 PDC student graduates. 

The requests for our permaculture design services  grows as property owners see the clear value in permaculture design and want this kind of thinking applied to their own projects.

Welcome to the world of permaculture.  You won’t be sorry you opened the door.  Permaculture only asks the questions, What is?…and How do things work?  It is not biased toward any one perspective. The objective is to look at the world through a clear lens and make decisions based on the greatest care for others and planet.  It’s the real deal.

Bill & Becky Wilson
Co-founders of Midwest Permaculture

Becky Wilson

Our Evolving Permaculture Home in Stelle, IL

Our Evolving Residence and the Home of Midwest Permaculture – (75 miles south of Chicago, IL)


18 months following her training…
“Bill and Becky, the design course changed my life. It led me to sell my home and take up WWOOFing to gain practical permaculture experience from January through August 2014 in the Middle East, India, Europe, and Mexico. The practical experience inspired me to go back to school and pursue a graduate degree in International Peace Studies with a focus on food security. I’ll be at the UN-mandated Universidad para la Paz (University for Peace) in Costa Rica until next year. How do I thank you?”
                                                                  Kay W. – Retired, U.S. Military

Kay volunteering in a Syrian regugee camp in Jordan.

Kay (holding baby) volunteering in a Syrian refugee camp in Jordan.

Visit Kay’s Blog to Follow Her Journey


Though we deliver a variety of educational trainings,
our well-designed and nationally-recognized 
Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) Courses are our key events.  
 Below are Some Picture Summaries from Past Trainings

 “Thank you for a fantastic week.  It renewed the passion I have to continue what we are doing here and provided me with so many new ideas and possibilities.”  David (60) Residential Permaculture Designer, Wisconsin

“Bill and Becky, a huge thank you for an amazing PDC course. I have returned to London feeling happy and refreshed. 
I have already started a deck garden, new window boxes and signed up to be a member 
of our local Permaculture group.” 
Susan (42)- London, England

“Bill and Becky,
Thank you for giving us the language.
I am seeing the world through a new lens.”
Keren T. (31) – Environmental Educator – (W. Virginia)

...and 4 PDCs at Midwest Permaculture in Stelle, IL -- 5 Scheduled for 2013

We deliver multiple PDC Courses and  trainings each year here at Midwest Permaculture in Stelle, IL   Click Here for a Picture Summary of our Stelle PDC Courses


View our Schedule of all Trainings


Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) Course 
Learn the Basics of Permaculture – Apply it Anywhere

In a full PDC course all of the basic principles and ideas behind a permaculture approach to designing or living are covered to meet Bill Mollison’s (co-founder of permaculture) requirements for a certificate of completion.  

Therefore, it matters little where you live or where you take a design course.  You should be exposed to the fundamentals of permaculture thinking which will allow you to create positive living designs for just about any location or situation on the planet. 

The fundamentals, the principles, and how one applies these to every-day living are the key to understanding permaculture at a useful level.  We use lectures, design exercises, hands-on experiences, videos and open-frank discussions to help our students anchor their own understanding of this life changing approach to designing an authentic way of living on this planet.  It’s not just about our gardens or homes.  It is about the whole picture. 

The education you receive from a Midwest Permaculture PDC will be universally applicable, practical, inspiring, and we trust, memorable.

We have hosted
trainings in:

the Midwest 

the Mountains

the Desert

the Tropics




Here is the Latest Post From our Growing Blog

3 Miles of Swales Cut in 5-Hours

We are making early progress on our 320-acre Missouri permaculture-farm project (Jordan Rubin’s Heal the Planet Farm).  Last fall, a local dozer operator was brought in to dig the first swales.  It was a small dozer but it did a respectable job and did the work in a relatively short period of time compared to an excavator. See the blog post with video here.  

Before we brought the dozer back in this spring, Kevin, a long-time farmer in the area who is also Jordan’s lead farmer on this project, suggested that we simply try the 135hp farm tractor with it’s 8-foot tilting scraper blade to see what kind of swales it would cut. It certainly seemed worth trying though I’d never seen it done before.

Adam and I headed out early one morning with the laser level and marked off about a mile of swales with white-wire flags.  When Kevin arrived later in the morning with the tractor all he had to do was adjust the angle of the blade, drop it down, and start running.  He ran three passes on every swale we had marked and did it all in about 60 minutes! (read more…)



“Though the problems of the world are increasingly complex,
the solutions remain embarrassingly simple.”

Bill Mollison – Permaculture’s Co-founder – Australia



We extend our gratitude to Bill Mollison and David Holmgren for their gift of…
Their lifetime of  work and inspiration is greatly supporting the path toward
a sustainable and compassionate world.

Bill Mollison

Bill Mollison

Permaculture Ouroboros

Permaculture Ouroboros

David Holmgren

David Holmgren