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Permaculture Design Course (PDC)
Online Certificate Training
Our Same Top Quality PDC Content and Delivery
Live, In-person Presentations from our Top Teachers
Learn from Home – Extended over a 31-day period

Fall: Oct. 11 – Nov. 10, 2022 (Last Call!)
Winter: Jan. 10 – Feb. 9, 2023
(Early Reg. Discount ends Nov. 10th)
Spring: April 4 – May 4, 2023 (Early Reg. Discount ends Feb. 4th)
Limit: 24 Students/Course
Pricing and Registration

One of the great things that came out of Covid-19 in 2020 is that it we were pushed to start offering an online version of our highly rated PDC. Our student response to this online course ended up being as great as ever. Many students seem to be learning as much, or possibly more, from exposure to this large body of work over a 31 day period which gives one time to contemplate and integrate the information. I really does work.

Why are Midwest Permaculture’s Courses rated so highly over 16 years? 
We can only assume it has to do with our determination to make the subject of permaculture come alive so that it is immediately understandable and useful to our students. We put the same kind of effort into this online version as we always have to our in-person PDCs. We are dedicated teachers, designers and people. If someone is going to trust us with their training, we are going to give them the best that we have.

What are the Advantages to this Online Training vs. our In-Person PDC Courses?
They are both excellent trainings but a few bonuses to taking our online PDC are likely:

      1. By extending the course over 31 days there is time to contemplate each subject area before we are off into another diverse aspect of permaculture.
      2. There is time between segments to do follow-up research on the many resources we recommend or refer to in each segment.
      3. There is more time to work on the design exercises.
      4. Students can learn from home and don’t need to take time off work or travel.
      5. Since we are not renting classroom space or feeding students our price to you can be significantly less. ($995 vs. $1,595).
      6. And, oh yeah, we won’t need to social distance or use protective gear!
Becky and Bill Wilson – Experienced. Committed. Passionate. Light Hearted Too.

What is included?

      • The Internationally Recognized 72-Hour PDC Curriculum
      • Our Foundations of Permaculture Webinar Series (Required Listening ‘Beforehand’)
      • Live Instruction from Bill and the experienced MWP Teaching Team
      • Wonderfully Experienced Guest Instructors
      • Hands-on Exercises for you to do at Home and then Share Results Online
      • Open Discussions between Students and Teachers
      • Design Exercises to Gain Experience and Confidence
      • A Registered, PDC Certificate upon Completion 
      • Post-Training Study Resources for Continued Learning

Come Away with a Design for Your Own Property — Or Not.
If you already own a piece of land you are invited to use it for your final design project. One of  the greatest advantages of designing your property during the course is that you will have access to one or more of the MWP teaching staff and other students to brainstorm your design with you — if this is what you want.

No Land – No Problem
About half of the students who take our PDC courses do not yet have land.

Why? This course is a must for anyone who thinks they might buy or develop land in the future as it gives the student greater insight into what is possible to accomplish on any given piece of land. The course will change the way you look at a property, and you will be able to see new advantages in land. Students are often able to find property that others (or the seller) think is less than ideal and are willing to sell for less, when in actuality, it could be a perfect piece of property for a good permaculture design.

Also, we have plenty of students who do not plan on developing land but rather are more interested in the ‘culture’ aspect of ‘Perma-culture’. In order to create ‘permanent cultures’ we also need to improve in our understanding of how things really work in a world where everyone and everything is cared for and appreciated. How we run our businesses, establish our community organizations, set up and run our institutions, and work with others on a personal level, are all essential aspects of permaculture that we will look at as well during the PDC.

What is Online Learning Like?
Probably the better question is what CAN it be like?  Online learning varies widely out there but from our recent experience, and with the energy of our students, we have been able to make our courses feel like we are in a room together while also keeping the learning experience at a high level.  Besides, the content of the course is so compelling that we have found that online technology became a real gift rather than a limiting factor.

If you have never done online learning before, do not let the technology stop you. Our tech team will help all who would like assistance with getting everything set up and working before the training begins. We’ll also start the first session 30 minutes early for those who wish to log in to be sure they understand how to use Zoom.

What Kind of Computer/Equipment/Internet Needed?
A laptop/computer with a camera, microphone and speakers is all that is needed, and of course, a decent internet connection. If you have a slow internet this could become an unpleasant experience for you as we will be sharing a fair amount of content. In that case, it may be best to find a back-up location where you can access a stronger internet connection.

“I took the online PDC in the fall of 2021 and it is easily the best online educational experience I have ever participated in. I now feel like I have resources and direction instead of just drowning in googled information with no idea how to connect the dots and implement it into my life. No regrets. Midwest Permaculture was fantastic!”
Shane G. 

If your laptop or desktop computer does not have a camera or microphone, they are inexpensive to purchase and are easy to plug in. They are combined into one device and typically run between $20 and $50. Please email or call us if you have any questions about this and we’ll be sure Milton or Will gets back to you with clear answers.

Begin Now with the Webinars
Once you get registered for the course, the Foundations of Permaculture Webinar Series will be quickly accessible to you, while your support text and other handouts should arrive within a week. Enjoy the webinar series and handouts with the goal of having them done before the live-online portion of this PDC begins.

Schedule of Online PDC

      • Tuesday Evenings 6:00-9:00
      • Wednesday Evening 6:00-9:00
      • Thursday Evenings 6:00-9:00
      • Saturday Morning 8:00 to 1:00
        (Central Time Zone)

Here is a downloadable schedule for the upcoming Fall 2022 course.

Digital Mapping and Design Tools Needed

The PDC is not heavy on digital map making.

Yes, we will use the internet to gather data on our properties and use observation and some empirical data gathering to analyze and assess what is happening, and then look at what this data means in relation to our vision for the property. But after this, the traditional PDC pulls out paper and pencil to do some very basic designing and mapping.

This being said, some of us no longer use paper and pencil to do design work now that so many basic digital-tools are easily available and understood. So we show our students how to obtain and save information off of the internet and then translate that to simple design representations using software as basic as Google Slides and Microsoft PowerPoint.

Creating a final design using digital tools is not an expectation or requirement, at all, but most students end up using a digital interface they are familiar with. For those that prefer pen and paper, that’s great. What we are really interested in is the thinking behind the design decisions that are made.

If someone is familiar with Adobe Illustrator or other professional design map-making software they might prefer to use that, but creating a layered design map is not required for the PDC.

We do go into a lot more digital-mapping detail in the APDC and the Mini-PDC.

Participation Requirements
Because this training comes with the internationally recognized PDC Certificate, we as the host and teachers must guarantee that our students participated fully in the training. So, unless you don’t care about the certificate, everyone who takes this training will need to have their camera on so that we can all see each other while going through the training together.

Each online session will also be recorded and posted shortly thereafter so if a student misses a session, they can quickly catch up. However, if a student misses more than 9-hours of the live sessions in person, they will be required to take written notes from the recordings of all additional sessions they miss and email these to us for review. If the notes are missing key information a student may be requested to review the session again and resubmit their notes.

Make sense? There is no ‘requirement’ that you take tests and get passing grades to earn the certificate, but you do need to attend and participate.

Onlookers Policy
Heck yes. If you have a partner, friends, family members or children, that are also interested in permaculture and want to look over your shoulder during this online training, and dig into the pre-training webinars and exercises, they are certainly welcome to do so. But while we are live, they are observers only.

There is only one person registered for the training and they are responsible to show up and participate in the exercises, discussions, and design work. This person earns the PDC Certificate. The onlookers should mostly be invisible, but we are delighted that they are there and hope they gain much knowledge, wisdom and wonder from the course too.

Onlooker or Registered Student?
If a potential onlooker is really interested in permaculture, and could see themselves becoming more deeply involved in design and permaculture implementation, then we would genuinely recommend that they fully enroll.

Full participants get more out of the training when having a ‘seat at the table’ — and when it is over they will then have the internationally recognized PDC certificate which could open other doors.

And if you are a couple/team, planning on designing your own permaculture property or homestead, we have found that it really makes a difference when both people are fully engaged in the training. A lot more goes on in a training than just the transfer of a few cool design concepts.

Taking the PDC fully, and sitting through each session, tends to create a mind and heart shift in most people that cannot be transferred by conversation later on.  Most students report that they experienced a foundational shift in understanding and awareness that left them more hopeful and certain about how to move forward on their design project (if they had one) and in life. This is an invaluable experience for couples designing a life together. There is almost no way one can describe this training to a partner afterwards and have them understand the full meaning, impact or understanding. We are just sharing this from what students have told us and from what we have observed. There is a substantial discount for the second and subsequent participants too.

Pricing and Registration

Fall: Oct. 11 – Nov. 10, 2022
Winter: Jan 10 – Feb. 9, 2023 
Spring: April 4 – May 4, 2023

Limit: 24 Students/Course

Price: $995
($895 early registration price 60 days out)
– One person.
– Fully participating.
– One or no piece of property to design.
– One PDC Certificate

– Everyone fully participating (See ‘Onlooker’ option above)
– Each person might have their own property to design (or not).
– Each person earns a PDC Certificate.
Price:   $995 for first person ($895 early registration 2 months out)
              $695 for each additional person when registering as a group in the same course.
Group registration is by phone only and we will need the name and email address of each person registering.
Call Becky for multiple registrations: 815-216-4124‬

Early Registration Discount!

Online PDC Jan 10 – Feb 9, 2023


Our Online PDC Course
Jan 10 – Feb 9, 2023

Additional information


Regular, Student/Senior

Early Registration Discount!

Online PDC April 4 to May 4, 2023


Our Online PDC Course
April 4 to May 4, 2023

Additional information


Regular, Student/Senior

Student Response to PDC Course
“Straight up incredible. Even as someone who was less than familiar with agriculture and has never spent time on a farm, I found it incredibly valuable. Bill is a remarkable teacher, probably one of the most gifted teachers I’ve ever come across. I had no idea how impactful that would be in my selection of a permaculture course. He helps you understand the full picture at a micro and macro level… at both a logical and emotional level. He ensures everyone follows along, he’s funny, he’s passionate, he’s engaging. I did not want the course to end. I wish this course were mandatory for everyone as a citizen of the world. I understand the world around me differently for this course and highly recommend it for all.”

Katlin (33) – Business Owner (100 employees)

Low Risk Cancellation and Refund Policy
If a student cancels their registration 30-days before the on-site portion of a course begins they receive a full refund less $250.  The student retains full access to all of the webinars (a $195 value), keeps the course handouts and text book, and receives a $195 credit towards any future Midwest Permaculture design certification course, good for up to 3-years.

If a student cancels their registration in the 30-days before the course begins there will be a full refund less $350 and the student still receives a $195 credit towards our design courses in the future.  The credit is good for up to three years.

There are no refunds for cancellations or withdrawals once the course begins.  However, in certain circumstances, we may extend partial credit towards a future design course.

This online PDC has been a long time coming.
We have heard from many people over the years who would love to take a Midwest Permaculture PDC but because of commitments, they just cannot get away for 8 days plus travel.
We trust that this training is the answer.
We’d love to have you join us.

Please Call Becky if you Have Any Lingering Questions