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How to Access Free Site Data Online

When designing a property, it is important to know the conditions we are working with.

The information in this PDF is the result of years of searching for reliable, easy-to-use tools for gathering site data. We share this PDF in our design courses, and some students have said this information alone makes up for the entire value of the course. 

In this PDF we give clear, step-by-step instructions on how to find:

  • Topographical info
  • Soil data
  • Current and historical aerial views of a property
  • Wind data by month
  • Annual rainfall and climate data
  • Watershed information
  • Solar aspects 


The data collected from these sources is not always 100% accurate and requires further in-person verification before implementing a design. Still, it gives us a general idea of the site conditions and a framework that helps us choose appropriate design strategies based on the unique conditions of the site.

We hope that this information enables people to make more informed design decisions, avoid type 1 errors, and make lasting transformations to the places they inhabit.

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