Permaculture Design Services

Fruit Nut GuildPermaculture Design Services
1. Phone Consultations
2. WalkAbouts (2-8 hour walk and assessment of your property) 
3. Framework Designs
4. Full Designs
5. Full Designs & Project Management

How Much Does A Permaculture Design Cost?
As you can expect… it depends, but we have posted some price ranges below in each section.

When assisting a person or a family we will assess what is really desired from a permaculture design.  Do the people involved wish to focus on food production, beauty, security, sustainability, etc.?  The vision for a property drives a good part of the design.

We also want to assess the skill level, experience and knowledge of our clients.  If they are strong in these areas then possibly just walking the property together and sketching out some ideas at the kitchen table will give our client all of the confirmation and insight they need to get a good start on their own design.

Someone else with the exact same piece of property who is new to working with soils, plants and other systems might really benefit from a full design that places everything on the landscape.  This is especially helpful when hiring others to assist with implementation.

Here are the services we have found useful to others and the price ranges of each.

1. Phone Consultations
It is surprising how much information is available on the internet about climate, topography, soils, prevailing winds and sun angles for almost any spot in the US (and even the world).  As a land or homeowner, we invite you to send us your address and a simple tracing of the property lines, along with what your desire or vision is for the property.  We then do our research.  In a follow-up phone call we will share with you what we have concluded regarding the greatest opportunities and challenges for your property related to your vision.
Research plus 90-min. phone consultation —up to 1-acre = $295
For larger properties, add $10/acre
Example: 35 acres = $295 + (34 x $10) = $635

2. WalkAbouts
Bill Wilson (or someone we explicitly trust) walks the property in question with the owner and explores what sort of permaculture design strategies and techniques would be most appropriate. This is a verbal assessment with recommendations and rough sketches when/where appropriate.  Some useful resources are always provided and/or recommended reading and website links supplied.
$175/hour, plus travel.
2-hour minimum for Residence, 3-Hour minimum for 1-acre+.
Travel is $.60/mile.

Please Note:  The full amount invested in either a Phone Consultation or a WalkAbout will be deducted from the price of a Permaculture Design if purchased later.

Permaculture Designs
Following a site visit and/or our research, we can create a permaculture design including a written assessment, a basemap of the property with the design sketched upon it, and a written summary of recommendations.

Prices vary by property size and complexity of the design desired. Here are some estimates for property sizes of 1-25 acres.

3. Framework Designs                 –Est: $1,000 – $8,000
~ Assessment
~ Analysis
~ Design Recommendations with Basemap (to include earthworks such as swales, ponds or keylining if appropriate)
~ General Plant Lists for the Application

4. Full Designs                           –Est. $2,500 – $15,000
 ~ Assessment
 ~ Analysis
~ Design Recommendations with Basemap (to include earthworks such as swales, ponds or keylining if appropriate)
~ Specific Plant Lists with Suppliers Noted
~ Implementation Priorities (Time Table)
~ Estimated cost analysis for full implementation

5. Full Design & Project Management
Est. $10,000 – $50,000/year
~ Assessment
~ Analysis
~ Design Recommendations with Drawings (to include earthworks such as swales, ponds or keylining if appropriate)
 ~ Specific Plant Lists with Suppliers Noted
 ~ Implementation Priorities (Time Table)
~ Estimated cost analysis for full implementation

~ Project Management – Oversee installation of design, work with contractors/installers, trouble shoot, organize maintenance in early months/years, assess results, fine-tune design strategies, stay with project until everything is running as projected.

For More Information or a Price Quote:
end Email Request to or Call: 815-256-2215

Examples of What Will Be Explored?

For an Existing Residential Property
– create a beautiful, edible landscaping,
– manage excess rain (hold or remove)
– drought-proofing the landscape
– use of permaculture rain gardens,
– create balanced natural systems,
– use vertical landscaping techniques,
– increase soil fertility,
– eliminate some of the lawn,
– start a productive garden,
– reduce energy use,
– lower carbon footprint,
– possibly all of the above.

For a Larger Piece of Land
– Where to situate home and other buildings
– Where to place roads, swales, dams and ponds
– Design earth works options such as keylining
– Where to place orchards, pastures, gardens, etc.
– What livestock options would fit neatly into system.
– Identify income generating possibilities
– Restoring soil and fertility naturally
– Estimated costs to implement design
– implementation timetable

Our objective and desire is to assist property owners in clarifying a vision for their land and then support them in visualizing a fresh, sustainable and nurturing design onto their property.

For More Information or a Price Estimate:

Send Email Request to or Call: 815-256-2215


A Framework Permaculture Design – 25 Acre Property

Duker Design Sketch Layer 4 Plant Growing Systems

Bill with 10-acre land owners

Bill with New Land Owners

A Full Permaculture Design – 25 acres with exact placement of ponds, swales, and specific plant species. 

Sample of a Fully Permaculture Design with Exact Placement of Earthworks and Specific Plants

Click on Image to Enlarge

Design Team


          Bill Wilson            Lead Teacher and Designer for Midwest Permaculture

More on Bill…


Full Design Recipient
Hi Bill. Thanks for the fantastic plans that you and your team developed for us. Shirley and I feel that you have created something that will guide us beautifully.

The plan clearly shows us the resources needed to move forward in a reasonable fashion. 

We will keep you updated on our progress and look forward to you stopping by periodically to see how the project is coming together. Let’s have a beer on the back deck next time!



Becky Wilson - Midwest Permaculture - Copy

         Becky Wilson       Designer & MWP Business Manager

 More on Becky…



 Walkabout Recipients
“Bill and Becky, thank you so much for the time you spent with us on Friday. It was a great pleasure. Kris and I both enjoyed your company and conversation in addition to all of the great information you provided. We will surely take advantage of the many resources you suggested as we move forward.

Again. Thank you.”
Richard (Lafayette, IN)



Milton Dixon of Midwest Permaculture

     Milton Dixon          Our Urban-Permaculture Designer and Basemap Creator

Visit Milton’s Website
Permaculture Productions LLC

More on Milton… 






       Bryce Ruddock             Our Lead Planting Systems and Plant-Guild Designer

Download Free Copy
Plant Guild eBooklet
by Bryce Ruddock Plant Guilds eBook…and his 2014 book…!!!
Integrated Forest Gardening - Released July 2014Book by Bryce
and our Friends Dan and Wayne

More on Bryce… 



Design Client
“Bill, I love how you were able to envision the project as something to benefit the public while maintaining an aspect of privacy for me.
And I so appreciate how the design unfolds more at the pace of a home project rather than a commercial overhaul.
I can see how people will be exposed to the permaculture concepts while participating in a learning experience.” 
Nancy (Youngstown, OH)




Bruce Rickard

      Bruce Rickard           Our Lead Animal-Systems and Mob-Grazing Designer

Bruce is the Co-owner/farmer of Fox Hollow Farm in Ohio.

Here is a picture summary of a
PDC course at Bruce’s Farm 
in 2014

  More on Bruce…




Feedback on the WalkAbouts…
“We really enjoyed the WalkAbout.  I could see Bill’s wheels turning as he would look at a spot. We got some good feedback.  I am excited about creating a little sanctuary to the side of the house, which I can envision now with Bill’s ideas.  Also excited to look at guilds more.  I would like to have more food available at an easily accessible place, and will work towards building up from our home outward. I will be reading more about permaculture, and appreciate the handout booklet Bill gave us.  It all makes sense, doesn’t it?”

Amanda (Flint, MI)

“The walkabout was great!  We chatted away the full 2-hrs.  Being a newbie, I am looking at a blank canvas and didn’t know where to start, how much to attempt, etc.  Bill had good ideas for short term and long term goals.  He went over available resources for plants and ideas.  It was great having a fresh set of eyes look at my place and see potential for a spiral garden here, a swale there, possible greenhouse, plant groupings or where focal specimen trees should go.  I think I was most surprised about how little area is really needed if used well.The WalkAbout was exactly what I’d hoped for and easily worth the price.”

Anna (Springfield, IL)

“We had an overall great experience with our Walkabout!  He definitely showed his expertise in the Permaculture realm and did not disappoint.  He was good at explaining concepts and was thoroughly engaging.  He helped us analyze our yard to address the water issues we were concerned about.”

Judy (Madison, WI)