Permaculture Design Services

Design Assistance for Your
Residence, Homestead, Farm or Land

We have set up our design services to provide our clients with what they want and really need. If you wish to get better educated so that you can do much of your own design work, with our watchful eye and input, it is here. If you would rather have us put our full focus on your home/land/project, that is available too. We’ve got seven options for you to consider. 

Bill Wilson – Lead Designer/Instructor

7 Options for Permaculturally Designing for your Property

    1. The Property Design Mini-Course (New!)
    2. The 72-hr. Permaculture Design Certificate Course
      In Person    -or-     Online
    3. Phone Consultations
    4. WalkAbouts
    5. Framework Designs
    6. Full Designs
    7. Implementation and Project Management
  • – – Descriptions and Price Ranges Below

1. The Property Design Mini Course (Live in Zoom or the Full Recordings)
The PDMC course was designed to give home or land owners a condensed version of the 72-hour PDC with just the content necessary to self-create a good framework design for your own property. You will learn from other students design challenges and  have access to our MWP teaching/design team to bounce ideas off of. We’ll give you the basic instruction and tools. You put in the time between sessions and come away with your own framework permaculture design.  We will host this training live twice/year or you can purchase the recordings now and begin designing your property.
Full Details for PDMC Live Zoom Course -or- PDMC Recorded Sessions
Listed Pricing:
–   Residence up to 1 acre – $495 Live in Zoom -or- $245 Recorded Sessions
–   Homestead of 1-10 acres – $645 Live in Zoom -or- $320 Recorded Sessions
–   Small Farm over 10 acres – $795 Live in Zoom -or- $395 Recorded Sessions

2. The 72-hr. Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) Course
Either In-person (8 Full Days) or Online (Delivered over 30 days)

This is the world recognized PDC course that we have been delivering for 15 years and now we have it available online, live, in person. If you have the time and resources this is the course that not only assists you in creating a framework permaculture design for your own property (large or small) but also gives you a solid grounding in the philosophy, approach and promise of permaculture. The course shows us, as humans, how can create an abundant and healthy world. This training is incredibly hopeful, practical and loaded.
What is Covered in the PDC Course?
Listed Pricing for PDCs:
–   Online PDC (An Amazing Training and you Don’t Leave Home) – $995
–   In Person PDC Course (How we Deliver these 8-full days) – $1500/ave.

3. Phone/Zoom Consultations
It is surprising how much information is available on the internet about climate, topography, soils, prevailing winds and sun angles for almost any spot in the US (and even the world).  As a land or homeowner, we invite you to send us your address and a simple tracing of the property lines, along with what your desire or vision is for the property.  We then do our research and a design assessment.  In a follow-up call we will share with you what we have concluded regarding the greatest opportunities and challenges for your property related to your vision. We will also field any questions you might have as well. Our goal is to give you the assistance you need to continue to move forward on your property design. If you would like us to create a digital framework design for your property, following this call, we can do that as well. See Framework Design Below
Listed Pricing for Phone Consultation
–   Residence up to 1 acre (1.5 hrs.) – $495

–   Homestead of 1-10 acres (2 hrs.) – $645
–   Small Farm over 10 acres (2.5 hrs.) – $795

4. WalkAbouts – We come to your property
Bill Wilson (or someone we explicitly trust) walks the property in question with the owner and explores what sort of permaculture design strategies and techniques would be most appropriate. This is a verbal assessment with recommendations and rough sketches when/where appropriate.  Some useful resources are always provided and/or recommended reading and website links supplied.
Listed Pricing for WalkAbouts
–   $250/hour, plus $1/mile travel to and from
–   2-hour minimum for residential lot
–   3-hour minimum for homestead of 1-10 acres
–   4-hour minimum for small farm over 10 acres

 Walkabout Recipients
“Bill, thank you so much for the time you spent with us on Friday. It was a great pleasure. Kris and I both enjoyed your company and conversation in addition to all of the great information you provided. We will surely take advantage of the many resources you suggested as we move forward.

Again. Thank you.”
Richard (Lafayette, IN)

5. Framework Permaculture Design
Our framework designs include our best recommendations from our initial site assessment whether from an online/phone connection or from an actual site visit. Our goal with these framework designs is to give you as much information as possible for the least amount invested.
What is included in a Framework Design?
–   All of the site data we use that is available from the internet and the client
–   A basemap of the property that includes existing roads, ponds, structures and the property lines.
–   A basemap water layer – might include swales, raingardens, hugelkultur, cisterns, etc.
–   A basemap plant layer – guilds, food forests, production areas, overstory, understory, etc.
–   A basemap hardscaping layer – paths, fencing, pergolas, raised beds, greenhouses, etc.
Listed Price Ranges for Framework Design
–   Residence up to 1 acre –        $1000-$3000 (Price for a quote: $100)
–   Homestead of 1-10 acres –  $2500-$7,500 (Price for a quote: $300)
–   Small Farm over 10 acres –  $3,000-$15,000 (Price for a quote: $600)
For More Information or a Price Quote:
end Email Request to  or Call: 815-216-4124‬
Note: There are no fees for a price quotes if you have already paid for a PDC, a Phone Consultation or a WalkAbout.

Please Note:  The amount you have invested in any of the above trainings or design services is deducted from the price of a Full Permaculture Design if purchased later.

6. Full Permaculture Designs
A full permaculture design requires a more in-depth study of the site and more detailed conversations with you the client as we explore and discuss the best suited options for you. It also includes more design time for the thoughtful consideration and integration of key, and secondary, design elements. The goal is to create a functional, productive and beautiful site with a high probability of a successful implementation by you.
Besides all of the site data analysis and the basemap layers, a full design usually includes:
~ Specific plant lists with quantities need including noted suppliers and their prices.
~ Specific tools, equipment and structures to consider for implementation, use and maintenance
~ Implementation task lists that includes a practical time table
~ An estimated cost analysis for the full implementation of the design that might also include the cost of earth moving and landscaping.
Listed Price Ranges for Full Design
–   Residence up to 1 acre –        $2000-$6000 (Price for a quote: $100)
–   Homestead of 1-10 acres –  $5000-$20,000 (Price for a quote: $300)
–   Small Farm over 10 acres –  $10,000-$40,000 (Price for a quote: $600)
For More Information or a Price Quote:
end Email Request to  or Call: 815-216-4124‬
Note: There are no fees for price quotes if you have already paid for a PDC, a Phone Consultation or a WalkAbout.

Examples of what is typically explored on a residential property
–    Create a beautiful, edible landscaping,
–    Manage excess rain (hold or remove)
–    Drought-proofing the landscape
–    Use of permaculture rain gardens,
–    Possible placement of key design elements,
–    Create balanced natural systems,
–    Use of vertical landscaping techniques,
–    Increase soil fertility,
–    Eliminate some of the lawn,
–    Starting a productive garden,
–    Reduce energy use,
–    Lower carbon footprint,
–    Possibly all of the above.

Examples of what is typically explored on a homestead or small farm
–    Where to situate home and other buildings
–    Where to place roads, swales, hügelkulturs and ponds
–    Find the key point and keyline and design earthworks where helpful
–    Where to place orchards, linear food forests, pastures, gardens, etc.
–    What livestock options would fit neatly into system.
–    Identify income generating possibilities
–    Restoring soil and fertility naturally
–    Estimated costs to implement design
–    Implementation timetable

Full Design Recipient
“Hi Bill. Thanks for the fantastic plans that you and your team developed for us. Shirley and I feel that you have created something that will guide us beautifully. The plan clearly shows us the resources needed to move forward in a reasonable fashion. We will keep you updated on our progress and look forward to you stopping by periodically to see how the project is coming together. Let’s have a beer on the back deck next time!”

7. Implementation and Project Management of the Design
This can be as simple as working with you to find and train the right people and answer the inevitable and multitude of questions that come up when implementing a design. It might also include overseeing the installation of the design, working with contractors/installers on your behalf,  ordering supplies and plants, trouble shooting challenges as they arise, organizing and overseeing the care and maintenance in the early months/years, assessing the results, fine-tuning the design strategies and possibly staying on with the project until everything is running as projected.
Our preference is to train and work with you directly or someone you have hired to do all of this, because somebody eventually needs to understand each element of the design for it’s long-term care.
We do not take on many of these projects (we are selective as we balance everything else we are doing) but if we do, we will give your project the full attention it deserves and that we agree to provide.
A quote for project management comes with the full design when requested at the end of the design process. 
The price range for implementation of a design
is $3,000 (simple residence) to $30,000 (homestead/farm). Annual oversite and maintenance can run about the same.

For More Information:
Send Email Request to  or Call: 815-216-4124‬

Not sure what you really need?
You can always just hire Bill to consult with you over the phone or Zoom at $250/hr.. He will brainstorm your property with you or discuss any questions you might have about your property.
Our minimum charge to set an appointment with Bill is a 30-minute session of $150, paid in advance.

Thank You and the best of luck on your permaculture dreams and projects. This work is very important and we encourage you to move forward with the long-term care and health of your property, family and community.