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Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) Course


The Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) Course is a comprehensive training that provides a clear understanding of how we as humans can live fully and abundantly well, for ourselves and for others, while also leaving the planet in better condition BECAUSE we were here on it.

The PDC Course

Bill Wilson
Bill Wilson, Our Lead Teacher of 15 Years
Oh my gosh, I have learned so much that even if I only took away 1/10 of it, I have been so broadened in my outlook of things. I have hope for the future.
Barbara - PDC Graduate

Credit for the PDC course is now accepted by a growing number of universities around the world. Hundreds of thousands have completed this training and now comprise a global network of educators and ecological doers who influence corporations, create new business alternatives, influence the communities they live in, and turn damaged lands into highly productive, food-producing landscapes. PDC graduates are committed people working together to enhance the way we view and design our landscapes, our lives, and the culture itself.

This course is not just for people who own property!

The PDC provides a fresh understanding of how each of us can significantly contribute to creating a more permanent and compassionate culture regardless of whether or not we own land. The majority of students in a PDC course are suburban/urban dwellers seeking a greater understanding of how things really work in the natural world, how to create greater abundance & security (food, energy, water, buildings, neighbors) in their immediate environment, and how to be of genuine service in the world for a greater good.

I cannot thank you enough for last week. Not only is the curriculum exceptional, but you created such a congenial environment. It’s a lot of material for 72 hours but not only did you check all the boxes and get through the material, you added life and humanism throughout the whole training. Your transparency with your life, passions, and motivations were really what set your course and styling of teaching apart.

Ashlee Veghte Builder. Contractor. 15-acre Homesteader. Tennessee.

Straight up incredible. Even as someone who was less than familiar with agriculture and has never spent time on a farm, I found it incredibly valuable. Bill is a remarkable teacher, probably one of the most gifted teachers I’ve ever come across. I had no idea how impactful that would be in my selection of a permaculture course. He helps you understand the full picture at a micro and macro level… at both a logical and emotional level. He ensures everyone follows along, he’s funny, he’s passionate, he’s engaging. I never thought 9-hours a day in class would be so easy. I wish this course were mandatory for everyone as a citizen of the world. I understand the world around me differently for this course and highly recommend it for all.

Katlin Smith Founder/CEO - Simple Mills

I had the fortunate opportunity to attend a Midwest Permaculture Course. I come from the corporate/suburban world and was not quite sure what to expect. Bill and team put on a first-class event. Bill is a remarkable human and anyone would be fortunate to spend time with him. He is so passionate about permaculture and leaving the world better than we found it. There is something in this week for everyone and the sense of community that I felt with everyone else was awesome! I highly recommend this course!

Chris Warren Corporate Manager

Absolutely loved it. The PDC Course was interesting, inspiring and most of all, gave me a lot of hope. It helped me move from an armchair permaculturist to one ready to take on actual projects. The training exposed me to a variety of approaches that could be adapted to a range of climates and challenges. Most important, Bill and his team teach with heart and it really shows in what they share. I stayed in the small cob cabin they actually built there and had a lovely time. The food is fantastic too. The course was a lot of bang for the buck. I’m so glad I found Midwest Permaculture.

Kirsten Spainhower International Aid & Development

I learned a TON! The information was presented at a level that everyone could understand while the more knowledgeable and experienced people in our class were also blown away by the depth of useful content. I realize now that permaculture is about the skills needed to be a responsible human on this planet. This course was a paradigm shift for me. Thank you Bill and Becky.

Meg M. Community Garden Admin

There is something beautiful about witnessing people doing what they were meant to do. Bill, Becky, & Eric truly are inspired teachers! I learned an astonishing amount at the PDC course at Heal the Planet Farm in MO this spring & was also left with the desire and confidence to continue that learning on my own. The amount of info squeezed into one week was amazing, and somehow it was presented in a way that felt manageable and approachable. True to their teaching, they "practice what they preach"--both personally & professionally--so they had lots of practical stories to make the theory relevant. In addition, they managed to create a beautiful sense of community amongst a class of strangers and left us all feeling more hopeful about the world, despite the challenges ahead. Thank you, Midwest Permaculture!!

Sarah McCarthy

Bill, we made a deal on 30 acres in Kentucky. So grateful for my PDC as I felt confident enough to make this leap. Got a good deal too as it is considered ‘less than desirable’ land. Not so at all. It’s perfect for a permaculture design. Finally have our own land!

Jimi Small Business Owner

I really can’t imagine a better PDC course. Bill has years of experience and thus his real world examples left me feeling that everything I learned was not just a glorified theory, but rather a perfectly possible practice.

Terry K.

Take this class. It was one of the best things that ever happened to me. The teachers were awesome and the best I have ever had. The other students were amazing too. I was actually sad to leave.

George Lockerby

This was an amazing eight-day workshop that has changed my life and the way I think about almost everything. Bill nailed this subject to the core. This training was inspiring and absolutely loaded with useful information.

Joe K. Ohio (51 – Teacher)

...they gave me a job as soon as they looked at my resume with that Permaculture Design Course Certificate right at the top!

Amy Loveland, CO

The Opportunity Before Us…

Because permaculture is a relatively new field, few ‘job’ opportunities are listed in the employment ads for permaculture designers or practitioners, but the number of requests are growing. But please do not take a PDC course thinking there will be an automatic job for you at the other end.

The opportunity however, is that permaculture design course graduates may start a business of their own, whether it be in consulting, designing, implementation or teaching.

The only limiting factors to one starting their own business are their knowledge base, experience, or skills. Each of these skills is available to everyone, if they will but seek them out. 

Permaculture is a life-long journey and a way of relating to life from one’s core. There is no end to the depth of experience and service we might render to ourselves, our communities, and the world, especially given the current state of things. We need people who can think and design long-term sustainable solutions. For those who can do this, there appears to be a great opportunity, ultimate security, and the satisfaction of doing work that really matters in the world.

This work is real.   This work is lasting.   This work is needed.

There is plenty of room for you and your gifts in the worldwide permaculture community. Come and join us.

Bill Wilson –June 2023


The Permaculture Design Course is a comprehensive training that provides a clear understanding of how we as humans can live fully and abundantly well, for ourselves and for others, while also leaving the planet in better condition BECAUSE we were here on it.