Recorded Property Design Mini Course

Recorded Property Design Mini-Course (PDMC)
– The Complete PDMC Training with all Related Resources
– Step-by-Step Guidance with Exercises for Self-Learning
– Half the Price (Pricing and Purchase)
– Start Now or Any Time, It’s Self Guided

   – Contains the Guts of the World Renowned PDC Course Specific to Property Design
   – Design Your Own Property in Your Own Time
   – The Course Walks you Through the Design Process
   – Loads of Support Resources
   – Real Examples to Learn From
   – Would you like us to review your final design work?

Above: Example of Students 2.5-acre Homestead Design Project
"This training was so interesting, put together well and contained so much solid/useful information. It honestly felt like I was going through the training live with the other students. Bill's teaching ability has got to be about the best I've ever experienced. I learned more than I could have imagined and am confident in the design plan I created. I'm excited to get started on it! Thank You for this course. An incredibly great value for the money and time I invested."
Recent Student

    Go through the recorded sessions, follow the key threads that pique your interest, do the design exercises, gather your site data as guided, and dig into the design process we outline. You will come out the other end with a well thought out permaculture design for your property.

Working on Real Design Projects
Enjoy the recorded webinars as Bill Wilson and Megan Christian walk everyone through the design process and conclude in the later sessions by looking at students’ actual design progress. Bill, Meg, and some of the other students brainstorm various ideas and suggest what changes the student might make to their design. This is not design theory or exercises. There are real people, with real property, with tangible goals, who have laid out their best design work gleaned from the multiple PDMC sessions and accompanying resources.

Lead Instructor and Designer for Midwest Permaculture

Message from Bill Wilson:

Years of teaching experience and content selection have gone into making this into one of the most potent and relatable trainings we’ve created to date.

Our goal has always been to make the brilliant content of the permaculture design course more available and affordable to more people. This training will give you the best that we have at a very reasonable price.

But as you can surmise, the quality of your final design work created during this training will be directly related to the focus you put into it and by doing the exercises we provide. It’s just like learning to play a musical instrument; we’ve got to practice to get good results.

Every property that is designed to provide healthier food for humans while also building its ecological health and resilience is an important step in the right direction. We are delighted you are considering this for your present or future property. It is important. And we are here to help.


Pricing and Purchase
– The Entire Course Content on Video
– Our “Site-Data Gathering and Digital-Design” Webinars (3 hours)
– Several Design Exercises
– Dozens of Training Support Resources
$245 – Residential Framework Design (Under 1 acre) – Includes the 4 Basic Design Sessions
$320 – Homestead Framework Design (1-10 acres) – Includes a 5th Session
$395 – Small Farm Framework Design (over 10 acres) – Includes a 6th Session

"Exactly what I was waiting for. Affordable. Just the juice. Well presented. Understandable. Loved it. Thanks, Bill and Megan!"
Recent Student

Once you purchase the course, you can access it by logging in. The course can be accessed in the menu under “My Account”. If you later decide you would benefit from the 5th or 6th sessions you can always add them on.

Bill Wilson and Megan Christian – The PDMC Designers and Instructors

Would you like us to review your design work?
Add-on a Private Consultation
After you have gone through the training, gathered up your own site data, and come up with your best design ideas, we’d be happy to give you our thoughts and ideas for your project with a private consultation over Zoom.
$250 – Residential Design – Up to 1 Hour
$325 – Homestead Design (1-10 acres) – Up to 1.5 Hours
$400 – Small Farm Design (over 10 acres) – Up to 2 Hours

You can purchase the consultation time either now (when you register) or later after you have finished this self-guided journey. There is no price penalty for waiting. Securing a consultation later can be done on the actual course page as you get toward the end of the training. You’ll find it. Or, just email Megan at .

What Again is Covered in this Training?

Session #1 – The Foundations

      • Principles of permaculture
      • Designing by The Scale of Permanence
      • Accessing online site data
      • Transforming yard into productive space
      • Getting creative with capturing & holding water
      • Building for the long-term future
      • Creating our own digital designs

Session #2 – Site Data

  • The real source of abundance
  • Understanding contour lines and water flow
  • Building and using an A-Frame
  • To swale or not to swale
  • Percolation tests
  • Multiple rainwater harvesting techniques
  • Hugelkultur
  • Designing in wooded areas

Session #3 – Plant Systems

  • Aquaponics
  • Natural swimming pool
  • Greenhouse benefits and modifications
  • Permaculture plant list
  • Grafting
  • Tree guilds
  • Hardscaping

Session #4 – Soil Building

  • Genetic potential of plants
  • Foliar spraying
  • The key to great soil
  • Trace minerals
  • Soil drenching
  • Miracle farms

Session #5 – Homestead

  • Assessing the practical use of swales and keylining
  • Orchards and food forests
  • Small livestock raising for multiple yields
  • Greenhouses
  • Small ponds
  • Creating your framework homestead permaculture design

Session #6 – Small Farm

  • Locating the Key-Point and the Key-Line 
  • High intensity grazing operation of larger livestock
  • Efficiency. Profitability. Long-term Development
  • A deeper look at energy and infrastructure design
  • Creating your framework small-farm permaculture design