Creating a Secure Future

Permaculture Jobs

How to Approach Securing Satisfying Work

Investing years of study and large amounts of money towards college degrees in our institutions of higher learning hold less and less of a guarantee of future employment, income or satisfying work.
Learning practical life and people skills may not make someone rich, but they will make them a valued and treasured part of most families, neighborhoods and communities.

So, what activities are required to create a sustainable culture?

Below is the list of activities, occupations and design approaches that David Holmgren believes will be critical in the foreseeable future if we are to maintain some sort of familiar way of living, but a way of living that is sustainable for future generations too.

Work in these areas should also bring one in harmony with themselves, with others and with the planet. This list is a reprint from the free .pdf found on David’s website:

I hope this helps some of you towards finding or creating meaningful work.

Land & Nature Stewardship

Bio-intensive gardening, Forest gardening, Seed saving, Organic agriculture, Biodynamics, Natural Farming, Keyline water harvesting, Holistic rangeland management, Natural sequence farming, Agroforestry, Nature-based forestry, Integrated aquaculture, Wild harvesting & hunting, Gleaning


Passive solar design, Natural construction materials, Water harvesting & waste reuse, Biotecture, Earth sheltered construction, Natural disaster resistant construction, Owner building, Pattern Language

Tools & Technology

Reuse & creative recycling, Hand tools, Bicycles and electric bikes, Efficient & low pollution wood stoves, Fuels from organic wastes, Wood gasification, Bio-char from forest wastes, Co-generation, Micro-hydro & small scale wind, Grid-tied renewable power generation, Energy storage, Transition engineering

Education & Culture

Home schooling, Waldorf education, Montessori, Participatory arts and music, Social ecology, Action research, Transition culture

Health & Spiritual Well-Being

Home birth & breast feeding, Complementary & holistic medicine, Yoga, Tai Chi & other body/mind/spirit disciplines, Spirit of place, Indigenous cultural revival, Dying with dignity

Finances & Economics

Local and regional currencies, Carpooling, Ride sharing & Car share, Ethical investment, Fair trade, Farmers markets, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), WWOOFing & similar networks, Tradable energy quotas, Life cycle analysis, Energy accounting

Land Tenure & Community Governance

Cooperatives & Body Corporates, Cohousing & ecovillages, Native title and traditional use rights, Open Space Technology & Consensus Decision Making