Should I take a Course in My Own Bioregion and Climate?

A Focus on the Fundamentals Regardless of Your Climate

What is essential to understand about the PDC course is that we must cover all of the basic principles and ideas behind a permaculture approach to meet Mollison’s requirements for a certificate of completion.  Therefore, many different climates, land types, soil types, and living situations are explored.

So, it doesn’t really matter where you live now or where you take a design course.  You will be exposed to all the fundamentals, allowing you to begin to create a permaculture design for just about any location or situation on the planet.  The fundamentals and the principles don’t change.  

A Midwest Permaculture PDC Grad (Grant Shadden) Teaching Villagers in Africa

This being said, if you can find a good quality PDC course in your same climate there are likely some advantages. A poor quality PDC in your own climate would likely be a waste. We enjoy a reputation for having one of the top PDC Courses in the world and trust that the education you receive from a Midwest Permaculture PDC will be universally applicable.

We have hosted PDC Course in the Midwest, the mountains, the desert and the tropics.