2009 Highlights – Our Students Work and Lives

Becky, Wayne and I find it gratifying to stay in touch with our students from almost every course we have hosted over these past three years. To hear about the projects they have tackled and of the life changes they are going through as a result of their training is humbling. 

Permaculture is not just about designing the landscape. It is primarily about relationship – relationship to everything – to our land, our homes, our energy needs, our work, our families, our communities and our very own lives.

We are very inspired by our graduates and are delighted that they are interested in continuing to sharing their lives with us and their fellow students.

We intend to start a new area on our website this year featuring the work of some of our students, but in the meantime, readers might enjoy sharing in some of the advice that they are giving to the general public through the
‘Ask A Graduate’ section of our networking site.

Pictured: Three of our Recent PDC Graduates

Click Here to View the
‘Ask A Graduate’
section of our networking site.

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