Sepp Holzer’s New Book

Just a quick ‘heads-up’ on a great book that permaculture pioneer Sepp Holzer has just released. 

Sepp has been creating a permaculture paradise in the mountains of Austria for 40 years.

In this book, he shares many of the techniques he developed in order to grow bountiful crops on the sides of mountains. Many of the ideas apply to us flat-landers as well.

YouTube Video of Sepp

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Coppiced Christmas Tree

A Coppiced Christmas Tree?
Cutting Tree after Tree… from the Same Stump 

Many woody plants resprout from the stump when cut down. We call the regrowth “coppice”, and the management system “coppicing”. One trims away everything except for the desired sprout. This is the third or fourth ‘Christmas’ tree cut from the same tree stump – now 50 years old.

Dave Jacke, author of the 2-volume set, Edible Forest Gardens, and his permaculture associate Mark Krawczyk are writing a much needed book on this subject of coppicing. You can help support the writing of this book and be one of the first to own a copy by pre-ordering your copy now. Becky and I did. Can’t wait to read it.

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Couple Convert Older Home into Carbon Free

A 75-year-old traditional home taken off the gird with modest and affordable changes

I wanted to be sure to share this with all of you on our ‘Friends of Midwest Permaculture’ list. Stephen and Rebekah Hren of Durham, N. Carolina built the perfect ‘energy free’ home miles out of town on their own land – their own patch of heaven. How many of us hold the idea that ‘some day’ we are going to buy a small piece of land, build an energy efficient home, go off the grid and finally, leave our troubles (and annoying neighbors) behind and live happily ever after?

Rebehah and Stephen did just that but then, returned to the city a few years later. Why? The article below will share the reasons, but suffice it to say, they are a lot happier today being back in the city and have found their own way to convert their older and affordable house into an energy lean, beautiful and bountifully home.

A Great Article from Ode Magazine