Foundations of Permaculture Webinar Series

Foundations of Permaculture Webinar Series
The Prerequisite to all of our PDC Courses
A Self-Study Program

14-Hour Webinar Package Includes:
- 9 Recorded, Downloadable Video Webinars
- All 9 Webinars as Audio .mp3 files for mobile listening (like pod-casts)
- Webinars include 8 Different Teachers - Wonderful Diversity (scroll down)
- PDC Course Textbook - Earth User's Guide to Permaculture by Rosemary Morrow
- 150-Question Study Guide
- Over 3-Dozen Articles and Resources from our Design Courses
- Downloadable copy of our Plant Guild e-Booklet by Bryce Ruddock
In Addition
- You will Continue to Receive all Updated Webinars...Indefinitely!

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The Webinar Series 

Leigh"I've LOVED these webinars.  Thank you so much for offering the webinar-only option. I plan to take a certification class within the next couple of years, but these webinars allowed me to really bring together the self-study and in-the-dirt projects I've been working on. THANKS!"
Leigh W. - Arkansas

"I went through the webinar series last spring.  Even if I never get out there for the PDC Course, the webinars were well worth the time and money."
Dave M. - Colorado

“I think the webinars were key to everyone bring ready to arrive at class, ready to work and gel as a group.”
Julie K. – OK – Small farm entrepreneur, mom, and now PDC Course Graduate

Note: The full price of this webinar series can be applied toward
our future PDC Courses (for up to three years).

How This Works
We have put together some of the foundational concepts of permaculture and put them into several webinar presentations. Also included are 4-recorded live interviews with several great individuals sharing how they have applied permaculture thinking and actions in their own lives.

These are not canned, polished or edited presentations.  You receive the recorded sessions just as they unfolded live.

Online Connection to Webinars
Shortly after a person purchases these webinars or registers for one of our PDC courses they receive a welcome email from Becky that grants them immediate access to the full webinar series for downloading and/or online viewing.

Text Book is Mailed Out
The Earth User's Guide to Permaculture by Rosemary Marrow is shipped out (via US snail-mail) shortly after registering and should arrive within a week.

Computer Requirements
 Just a bare-bones computer capable of playing/displaying standard computer files (.mp3, .mp4, .doc, .pdf).

Technical Assistance
Midwest Permaculture's technical support person, Will Wilson (will @, is available via email or phone (815-256-2215) to assist all webinar students with any start-up quirks.  It's pretty easy once you get started.  Don't let the technology part of this keep you away from these very useful and inspiring webinars if you are truly interested. We will assist you.

The Webinars - All on a Single Computer Video

1Bill WilsonThe Case for Permaculture
2Larry KornStory of "The One-Straw Revolution" (book)
3Becky, Bill, MiltonEthics, Principles and Patterns in Nature
4Donna & RobynYour Backyard Farmer
5Bill, Becky, MiltonMethods of Design
6Helen CameronUrban Roof-Top, Certified-Organic Farm
7Milton, Bill, BeckyClimate, Weather and the Hydrological Cycle
8Marcus de la FleurHolding Water on the Urban Landscape
9Bill WilsonSuburban/Urban Permaculture

"Hi Bill, I just wanted to thank you for putting together the webinar series. I've been listening to them again, this time in the greenhouse while planting onions.

They are still as enlightening as ever and it makes thinking about spring that much more enjoyable."

Whitney S.(Ohio) -- PDC Graduate Student 

About the Presenters and Webinars

Webinar #1 -- Bill Wilson

BillWilson 12The Case for Permaculture:
This is the foundational material from Bill's 3-hour "Introduction to Permaculture"  seminar.
Listen to this First Webinar for Free
We have posted this one webinar to YouTube so that anyone may listen to it.  It will give the listener/viewer some great foundational information along with many practical examples of applied permaculture design and thinking.

"Listening to Bill was like a breath of fresh air. I knew that there had to be a way out of the energy and societal challenges before us, and now I see it. Very inspiring and hopeful...!"
Webinar Student

Webinar #2 -- Larry Korn


The One-Straw Revolution and Masanobu Fukuoka
Larry is a soil biologist, an ecological landscaper, and is the translator/editor of one of the most influential books to touch the lives of scores of natural farmers,  The One-Straw Revolution by Masanobu Fukuoka.

As a young man, Larry spent five years in Japan, two of those with the author, Masanobu Fukuoka, on his farm in southern Japan.  He lived in one of the mud-walled huts in Mr. Fukuoka’s orchard and performed farm chores with the other workers and students, learning all he could about Masanobu's unique form of farming.

Pictured below: Larry in a barley field with Masanobu Fukuoka

Larry&MasanobuWhen Larry returned to the states he promised Masanobu Fukuoka that he would do all he could to see that his book, The One-Straw Revolution, was translated from Japanese into English and then published.This is a fascinating story that Larry shares during this intimate webinar with many slides and much detail.  We end up hearing stories about Robert Rodale, Wendell Berry, Wes Jackson, Bill Mollison, Gary Snyder and more.
Robert Rodale

Robert Rodale

Wendell Berry

Wendell Berry

Wes Jackson

Wes Jackson

Gary Snyder

Gary Snyder

 Webinars #3... #5... #7 -- MWP Teaching Staff

Becky Wilson

Becky Wilson

Bill Wilson

Bill Wilson

Milton Dixon

Milton Dixon

Becky, Bill and Milton make up the lead teaching team for Midwest Permaculture's trainings and design courses. All three hold advanced permaculture training certificates in teaching permaculture. Honest, insightful, knowledgeable and inspiring is how students describe their combined teaching styles. Click here to learn more about each...

 Webinar #4 -- Robyn Streeter and Donna Smith

Donna & RobynYour Backyard Farmers
Portland, Oregon
Learn many of the details about how these two farmers (who had little money and no land) were able to set up 53 "mini-farms" and earn a great income. Donna and Robyn are the first we've heard of who run their farming operation from other peoples back yards. And they don't rent peoples back yards, they charge the homeowners yearly to have much of their own family's food grown for them right in their own backyards. Robyn and Donna visit each home once a week, attending to all that is necessary in the vegetable garden, leaving a full basket of produce on the residents doorstep when the little farm starts producing.How is this permaculture?  Learn how they turn wastes into resources, minimize work, increase yields, and improve every environment.

 Webinar #6 -- Helen Cameron

Helen CameronUncommon Ground Restaurant - Chicago
The First Roof-top Certified Organic Farm
Helen and her husband Michael had been restaurateurs for almost 2 decades. In 2007 they decided to open a second location for their successful restaurant and chose a building on the far North Side of Chicago because of the large-flat roof. Helen wanted to grow at least some of the food and herbs that they serve to their customers. At some point they decided to become organically certified and in the process they became the first certified organic rooftop 'farm' in the United States. A very inspiring and instructional story.

 Webinar #8 -- Marcus de la fleur

Marcus-Cathy 2Marcus de la fleur and Cathy Haibach didn't stop with just rain barrels to capture the bountiful rainwater falling on the suburban home they lived in.They also incorporate: bio-swales... porous pavements... rain gardens... a green roof... a cistern... and gravel grass.Marcus de la fleur is a Registered Landscape Architect and owner of the design and consulting firm de la fleur LLC in Chicago, IL.  He received his degree from the School of Horticulture at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, UK, and obtained his Masters in Landscape Architecture at the University of Sheffield, also in the UK. In the webinar, Marcus takes us for an intimate journey through this website that documents the work that he and Cathy did on this very-suburban home.

 Webinar #9 -- Bill Wilson 

Bill-and-Bloomingdale-the-catSuburban/Urban Permaculture
Over 60 Creative Ideas
Since most people live in suburban or urban neighborhoods, it has become increasingly important that we take a much deeper look into how we can apply permaculture thinking and designing to these environments. Probably only 15% of our students actually have a large enough piece of land where swales, ponds or other large earthworks will be useful, so this webinar is for all of us who have a small lot or even no plot of ground at all.  You can certainly be a practicing permaculture person and have no land to work on.  Permaculture is a way of being, living and making choices that affect everything--no land is required. This 2-hour webinar is loaded with over 60 creative ideas of how to live in a more permaculture and creative way in smaller spaces.To our PDC students living in the city or suburbs... YOU WILL WANT TO VIEW THIS WEBINAR AT LEAST TWICE.  Like we said... it is loaded...!!!

Begin Now
Shortly after registering, webinar students receive a welcome email from Becky of Midwest Permaculture with instructions on how to access the webpage were everything is posted for immediate downloading. Within a week the text book, The Earth User's Guide to Permaculture, will arrive via US Mail. Get started on your permaculture education by accessing all of the 36+ articles and resources and the webinars that we will link you to via email while waiting for the book to arrive.

College 2In Addition,
Continue to Receive Updated and New Webinars - Indefinitely!
Whenever and however the webinars are updated in the future, you will always receive the latest version of the webinar series via the internet.  It's sort of like a "life-time membership". We feel that you have become part of our Midwest Permaculture family when you have ordered these webinars and we want you to have access to continued permaculture resources to the extent that you are interested.

Registration - On-Line or by Phone

Price of Webinar Series -- $195.00

Webinar Package Includes
- 9 Recorded, Downloadable Video Webinars
- All 9 Webinars as Audio .mp3 files for mobile listening (like pod-casts)
- Webinars include 8 Different Teachers - Wonderful Diversity (scroll down)
- PDC Course Textbook - Earth User's Guide to Permaculture by Rosemary Morrow
- 150-Question Study Guide
- Over 3-Dozen Articles and Resources from our Design Courses
- Downloadable copy of our Plant Guild e-Booklet by Bryce Ruddock
In Addition
- You will Continue to Receive all Updated Webinars...Indefinitely!
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Reminder: The full $195 is subtracted from the price of any of our full Permaculture Design Certificate Courses for those students who register within 3 years of ordering the webinars.

Group Pricing - We do have special pricing for schools, universities, not-for-profits, and other organizations and institutions.  See Below.

University and College Permaculture Classes or Courses

A Few More Details

Earth_Users_Guide1PDC Course Textbook
Included with these Webinars

'Earth User's Guide to Permaculture'
by Rosemary Morrow

This gem of a text, shipped to students upon registration, is written by Rosemary Morrow of Australia who has taught permaculture around the world for decades.

The book is straightforward and loaded with illustrations, depth and substance.  It covers theory and also focuses on the practical aspects of how to implement permaculture design.

This book is a must read for the serious permaculturist and is a requirement for students of our design certificate courses.

College 3

A Midwest Permaculture training at Purdue

Institutional or Group Pricing
6-16 Students                                    $175/ea.
(Includes a 90-min. live webinar with Bill Wilson of MWP)17-48 Students                                  $150/ea.
(Includes two 90-min. Live Webinars with Bill Wilson of MWP)49-96 Students *                                $140/ea.
(Includes four webinars or a half-day training with Bill Wilson at your location)Benefits to Each Student
Each student receives the full webinar package with textbook study guide.

In Addition:
-  A $ credit, commensurate with amount paid, is given to each student toward the price of any of our future PDC Courses should the student wish to earn their certificate.
-  Students will also have access to all future updates of the webinar series

The institution or group typically registers each student by name, mailing address, and email address so that we can ship out the  book and connect students to the on-line information.Students can be registered all at once or we will set up a shared spreadsheet with the institution or group so that they may add their students piecemeal.

( * For groups of 49 or more who wish to bring Bill in for a half-day of training, the only additional costs are for Bill's travel and motel if necessary.)

Becky Wilson (1)Please contact Becky at Midwest Permaculture for further information, other variations on the above, registration of students, and payment.
Phone: 815-256-2215, voice message or text us at 815-782-2216