Our Instructors

Our Instructors/Designers

Bill Wilson – Certifying Instructor and Lead Designer
Becky Wilson – Teacher/Designer/Business Manager
Megan Christian – Teacher/Designer/Support
Will Wilson – Designer/Teacher/Project Coordinator

Milton Dixon – Urban Permaculture Designer/Digital Design/Website
Bryce Ruddock – Lead Planting Systems Designer

Bill Wilson
As an internationally recognize teacher of the Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) Course, Bill has been called to teach in many different locations. We have students from all over the world attend our courses.

Bill Teaching at Cal-Earth (California Institute of Earth Architecture)

He has taught at almost all of Midwest Permaculture’s 90+ PDC courses over the last 16 years. To put it simply, Bill has a gift for taking the substantial subject of permaculture and breaking it down into ways that make it easier to understand and meaningful to people from all walks of life.

Bill Wilson

Though Bill and Becky have reached ‘retirement’ age, they have no desire to stop sharing of their love for permaculture. They are however transitioning into complementary work that is also important to them so they may not be as involved in all of Midwest Permaculture’s undertakings in the coming years. Bill has pledged to continue to be our lead teacher up through the 100th PDC course which will take us through 2023. Our very competent teaching team will continue delivering top-notch courses.

“Bill, I have been a teacher for over 40 years.  Your ability to deliver useful information in such interesting and varied ways helped me deeply understand permaculture.  This week flew by.  I did not want it to end. And I was deeply inspired by the openness and honesty that you and Becky shared with all of us. Please keep teaching!”
Lea – Recently Retired Public School Teacher and Administrator

Click on Video Below to Experience Bill’s Teaching Style and Energy

Bill’s goal is to make every PDC course better than the last. This mean that even though our early courses were good, very good in fact, our more recent courses, we feel, have been even better. Bill says “there are always exciting updates to share with students which we need to add and better and better ways to share this information.”

For more on Bill & Becky’s thoughts on permaculture, click here.

“Bill, Thanks so much for coming to Purdue and inspiring us. In my opinion, your overview of permaculture was one of the best presentations we’ve had at Purdue in many years.
Brent Ladd, Purdue Staff

Becky Wilson with Nadia Lawton
Becky with Nadia Lawton of Permaculture Research Institute Jordan

Becky Wilson 
Co-founder of Midwest Permaculture 

Becky earned her Permaculture Design Certificate in 2007 and her Permaculture teaching certificate in 2011, the latter from Rosemary Morrow.

Rosemary is a respected scientist, agriculturalist and elder in the permaculture world.  She is also well  noted for her popular text, The Earth User’s Guide to Permaculture, which is the book we use for all of our PDC courses.

Rosemary Morrow

Besides being active in family and community life, Becky has served as the Stelle Community Association Manager for 18 years and served as the Community Association Board President for 8 years.

From these experiences she has developed a strong understanding of community building and business management.

Megan Christian
Permaculture Designer – Teacher – MWP Support

Megan took her PDC with Midwest Permaculture in 2019 and expressed a clear determination to make permaculture her life’s work.

To be closer to Midwest Permaculture, she moved from New Hampshire and into our small town of Stelle where she made herself increasingly invaluable, assist us in many aspects of our ‘on the ground’ work as well as making significant contributions in support of our design and teaching work.

She soon became an important part of our work as a fulltime team member at Midwest Permaculture. She is a fast learner, a deep thinker, good with our website and social media, and now, a proven designer and teacher. We, our students and our design clients are lucky to have her as part of our team.

And oh… she knows her wild mushrooms!

Milton Dixon
Urban Permaculturist, Wild-Edibles Forager, Internet-technology Guru

Milton Dixon - Midwest PermacultureMilton has been a part of Midwest Permaculture from almost the beginning.  As an urban dweller, he has taken many creative steps toward a more permaculture lifestyle including foraging for fruit in parks and alleyways, planting gardens, making wine and growing mushrooms…to name a few.

He is accomplished at identifying edible-wild plants and took his Advance Permaculture Teacher’s Training with David Jacke (author of Edible Forest Gardens) in 2010.

As a permaculture designer, Milton also possesses excellent computer mapping skills which we use to create some of our larger permaculture designs. Others might like to utilize his creative and design abilities by contacting  him at Permaculture Productions LLC.

Milton brings a spontaneity and youthfulness that is contagious and very complementary to our style of teaching.

Pictured below: Milton Leading a Wild Edibles Walk

Milton Dixon on Permaculture Walk

 — “I was inspired by Milton’s teaching and his passion.”

— “Milton added such a sense of joy and levity.  His interest in plants 
and ‘all things permaculture’ is contagious.”

— “What a gem Milton is.  He adds such a nice balance to the Bill and Becky team.”





Will Wilson
Designer – Teacher – Project Coordinator

Will Wilson

Will, son of Becky and Bill, returned home after 10 years of college and work to join his parents in the development of Midwest Permaculture.

Having abilities in multiple areas he has become invaluable by taking on those tasks that need to be done and seeing them through. He can teach various sections of the PDC course and with his growing design abilities he co-teaches the Advanced Permaculture Design Course assisting students in how to use various software programs to be able make professional looking permaculture designs.

Will is a key contributor when we go about implementing a permaculture design with a client.

Bryce Ruddock 
Midwest Permaculture’s Lead Plant Designer
Co-author:  Integrated Forest Gardening

Bryce Ruddock or South MilwaukeeIntegrated Forest Gardening book JacketBryce holds a
 Permaculture Design Course Certificate (with Midwest Permaculture) and received his Permaculture Teachers Training Certificate with Jude Hobbs of the Permaculture Research Institute U.S.He has been practicing permaculture techniques at his suburban property in South Milwaukee since 1984.  Because of his vast plant knowledge, Bryce has become our Midwest Permaculture Official ‘Plant-Guy.’
Bryce Ruddock Harvesting his Rice Crop
Bryce harvesting rice by hand from one of his yard ponds.

Click Here for a picture narrative of Bryce’s rice-growing experiment.

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