6-Day Family Friendly Permaculture Training



Greetings from Stelle, IL. We are in the midst of a ‘permaculture training for families’ and took this photo in front of a hugelkultur bed that we built today in Bill and Becky’s back yard. This bed will now hold water and produce it’s own fertility for 5 years to come.  

We also want to say hello to all the folks visiting from The Survival Podcast. Bill skipped lunch yesterday to have a chat with Jack Spirko and returned to class, energized by their conversations. 

Permaculture is about a lot more than just gardening and growing things, it is about creating ways of living that care for people and the earth at the same time. We’re all having a really great week.  And what fun having young ones and families involved. 

The next 6-day hands-on training by Bill will be in California in early October.  With the experience of this training, Bill and Becky are planning to host another family training next summer.