Bending Oak PDC Picture Summary

Jas showing fellow students propagation techniques

This past June of 2021, we presented our first in-person PDC in over a year. It was an intimate course of 8 compared to the 24 person online courses we had been administering over the winter and spring. The change of pace was wonderful. We had the joy of hosting this course at Bending Oak Permaculture Farm, and I think the functionally and beautifully designed environment there made the experience even more impactful.

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Natural Building Workshop Successful

Hello All. Our natural building workshop this weekend was a great success.

Hassan Hall, our natural-builder friend from Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage, taught a great hands-on class this past weekend here at Midwest Permaculture.

Hassan in building flanked by Justin and Will

Everything was ready to start the next phase of construction on the first of 9-small earth shelters we have planned for EarthCamp Village. It was now time to put the rough coat (or base coat) of earthen ‘plaster’ on to the walls of clay-slip-straw that had been packed in last fall. Continue reading “Natural Building Workshop Successful”

Picture Summary – Essential Permaculture Weekend – Kalamazoo 8/12

 Essential Permaculture Weekend Training – Kalamazoo, MI – August 2012

 We were invited to deliver our “Essential Permaculture” weekend training in Kalamazoo by a former student of ours who is one of the coordinators of the Trybal Revival Eastside EcoGarden (TREE).  
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Our 2012 MREA Energy Fair Workshop Schedule

Fair Dates:  Fri.-Sun., June 15-17
Please join us at one of our 8 workshops… 
Link: Download or Print .PDF of our Schedule 
Link: The MREA Website – All about the Fair 

All 200+ workshops at the Energy Fair are free to attend…!!! 
The Energy Fair is one of the largest events of its kind in the world.  If you’ve never been to it and are interested in ‘all things sustainable’… this is the fair…!!!  

Here are the 8 workshops that we will be teaching.


Introduction to Permaculture:
Learn what permaculture is and how to apply this brilliant approach to ecological design to your own life and community.
Friday 11:00 a.m. in Green Tent; (Becky Wilson and Milton Dixon)

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Cal-Earth (The Earth-Building Portion of our Combined Trainings)

Week 1 – The Super-Adobe Building Training

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of the Second Part (permaculture) of this Combined Training)

 We just recently completed the first 4 days of our joint earth-building and permaculture design certificate course in conjunction with, and hosted at, the California Institute of Earth Art and Architecture (Cal-Earth).  There are about 30 students taking the combined training.  Because it is November, we are having some pretty cold nights and days here on the desert.Cal-Earth is located just outside of Hesperia, CA. where the San Bernardino Mountains meet the Mojave Desert.  They get 7 inches of rainfall per year, the majority of which falls during the winter months.  The famed Joshua tree is the dominant over-story tree on the landscape.  Some of these desert pioneers can be a thousand years old. 

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Permaculture Design Charrette

Greetings Everyone… 

Milton Dixon, Bryce Ruddock and myself are up in Door County, WI, hosting a permaculture design charrette for a 40-acre farm owned by Jon and Ann Hippensteel of Lake Michigan Wind and Sun.  We are in the early stages of exploring this beautiful farm and beginning to see some of the great possibilities for it.  We’ll post again at the end of the event (5 days) and post something on the results we obtained.  Wish you all were here…!!!

Indigenous Permaculture

Indigenous Permaculture with Winona LaDuke 

Unique 3-Day Workshop/Seminar – April 29 – May 1

White Earth Indian Reservation – Callaway, MN

Winona is many, many things besides the Green Party’s VP Candidate in 1996 and 2000 with Ralph Nader. She is a strong advocate for Native Peoples everywhere and equally passionate about the environment.

We are working on a permaculture design with her for one of their centers in Callaway, MN and will begin the hands-on implementation of it on this weekend. For those participating in the weekend, they will also receive training in the indigenous aspects of permaculture and given a rich look into the life and wisdom of the Anishinaabeg people, Winona’s lineage.

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