PDC Graduate Series – Bridget O’Brien

Bridget is Graduate of:
PDC Course #38 – Jan. 2013
at Midwest Permaculture, Stelle, IL

Bridget’s work focuses on the inner and outer work of authentic, sustainable living (permaculture). While utilizing her diverse skills in horticulture, floristry, fermentation, permaculture, yoga (RYT), nutrition, education & marketing, she looks for those pathways that provide a holistic approach to human awareness and culture repair.

Bridget shares her passion for impactful-loving service through work as an educator and designer through here business Resilient Spirals LLC. She travels providing design services, consultations and a range of workshops. She is the creative inspiration of ‘Adapt’, a permaculture game  that she designed utilizing the principles so aptly described by David Holmgren within his website PermaculturePrinciples.com

We were delighted and honored to have Bridget attend one of our PDC courses as a part of her journey. You can connect with Bridget by emailing here at .

Teaching at the IPC in India
Having fun with classmates at her Midwest Permaculture PDC course
Sharing and consulting with David Holmgren about her permaculture game
Sharing an early version of the game with Vandana Shiva

Below is the full conversation between Bridget and Midwest Permaculture’s Milton Dixon from October of 2017. (28 minutes) 

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