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  Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) Courses

Dates 2016 Location Registration - Information
Feb. 20-27 Midwest Permaculture
Stelle, IL
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Info: Our Winter PDC with Gardening/Farming Extras
April 16-23 Heal the Planet Farm
Koshkonong, MO
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Info: PDC at Jordan Rubin's 4,000-acre Organic Missouri Farm
May 14-21 Midwest Permaculture
Stelle, IL
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Info: Our Spring PDC here at Midwest Permaculture
June 19-26 Borner Farm
Prescott, WI
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Info: PDC at the Borner Farm Community Farming Project
July 9-16 Midwest Permaculture
Stelle, IL
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Info: Our Summer PDC here at Midwest Permaculture
Sept.17-25 Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage
Rutledge, MO
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Info: PDC with Extras in Eco-village Building and Living
Oct. 3-15 Cal Earth
Hesperia, CA
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Info: Combined PDC and Earth Building workshop
Oct. 22-29 Heal the Planet Farm
Koshkonong, Missouri
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Info: PDC at Jordan Rubin's 4,000-acre Organic Missouri Farm

For most PDC's a $250 Deposit Reserve's Your Seat and the Foundations of Permaculture Webinar Series is sent to you as well.  This means you can start your PDC Course with the webinars at any time.
Call Becky 815-256-2215 (or text/voice message at 815-782-2216)

“Bill, this PDC course was the best professional development training I have ever had!
It was in-depth, practical, hopeful, and applicable everywhere.”

Lorenza A. –  60 – School Administrator – PDC Course Graduate



Emily Teaching

Future Permaculture Teacher

Young and Old can
Learn to Teach Permaculture

An Advanced Permaculture Course
The Teacher's Training 

Pre-requisite:  Students must have a
Permaculture Design Course (PDC) Certificate
(We Recognize Most PDC Teachers and Courses from Around the World)

Two to Choose From in 2016

April 24-29
Heal the Planet Farm - Koshkonong, MO
Immediately Following our April 16-23 PDC Course Here

July 24 - 29, 2016
In Stelle, IL - Home of Midwest Permaculture

Bill and Becky Wilson Co-Instructing

Learn from two seasoned permaculture designers & teachers.

"You have given me insights, tools and even greater inspiration to offer my own workshops and trainings.  Best of all Bill and Becky, you were modeling what you were teaching the entire time. Seeing is believing.  Thank You.”

Grant S.
Farm Manager & Permaculture Teacher – Hamilton, MT
Volunteer Permaculture Designer in Uganda
Taught PDC to Local Ugandans




Thermal Mass Rocket Stove
Day-Long Workshops

2016: June 4th  -&-  Oct. 1st
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"Wonderful workshop.  Learned exactly what I needed to know to feel confident in building my own.
 - Sherrie K. (Toledo, OH)

"I was having a hard time understanding how to build the transition from the barrel to the exhaust system.  This nailed it for me.  Thanks!  Great people too!"   -David  M. (Rockford, IL)

We will examine this stove thoroughly and fire it up to get a good feel of how it looks, sounds and feels.

Then instructors and students will build a similar version of this model and fire it up as well. 

See it!   Touch it!   Build it!   Fire it!

Two Workshops per Year
Spring and Fall

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