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April 4 - May 4, 2023

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April 4 - May 4, 2023

Digging Deeper Into Permaculture

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Living in the U.S. can be like living with your eyes closed. There is so much possibility in the world and yet it is not easy to see because of the way we live.  Sometimes it takes a change of scenery to reveal to us the true potential of the world.

Paige with a Mango – Paige and Grand are both Midwest Permaculture PDC Grads and Donate 3 Months each Year to an important Small-Community Project in Africa

My eyes are more open each time we go to Africa.  And now I’m excited (in a brand new way) for next winter when we hope to return.  The new lens I’ll be looking through is completely invigorating to me, as I’ve recently completed a PDC course through Midwest Permaculture! 

It has been fun learning bits and pieces about Permaculture from my husband over the past few years.  Even more so though, watching him teach hands-on workshops in ‘the bush’ has helped me realize that this is a part of our destiny.  

The educated Ugandans & Kenyans who have struggled with their unfruitful land, had their light bulbs turned on during these workshops last winter.  They were simultaneously ecstatic and yet frustrated that they hadn’t learned these principles and tools earlier in life.  However, they are not people who dwell on the past.  They expressed how thrilled they were to begin passing on these sustainable methods to their communities and future generations. 

I am excited about digging in even deeper (pun intended) into the ways of Permaculture in Africa.  I am also looking forward to hearing the stories about how their lives have changed since the last time we were there!  It is inevitable; once you learn about swales and plant guilds and micro-climates (and the list goes on), you can’t look at the world as you did before.  The ‘old way’ no longer makes sense.      

See Other Posts about Grant and Paige’s Work

2 thoughts on “Digging Deeper Into Permaculture”

  1. Peter Francisquini

    Hi Paige and Grant. I’m interested in moving to Uganda, mainly because as one of Jehovah’s Witnesess, I’m interested in partaking in our world-wide Bible-based volunteer education program,which has found alot of interest amongst Ugandandans. And on a personal note, I’m interested in permaculture, the bio-intensive gardening system and the aquaponics system. I’m also interested in off-grid living, solar and wind energy, rain water harvesting and sustainable living in general. I”m iterested in your mass-heater workshop.

  2. Hi Paige & Grant,
    Trevor & Johna (sp?) sent an email to connect us, but I never got it so don’t have their (or your) contact info. I’ve spent the last two summers in Uganda and am interested in being there for the PDC in January, possibly with my Ugandan friend, Florence, who has a big property and is influential in her community.
    Please get in touch with me. All the best,

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