Picture Summary of Univ. of Wis. PDC Course

Pictures from March 2011 PDC Course
University of Wisconsin — River Falls
Pictures and text by Bill Wilson

We are returning to UWRF in 2012 (June 7-14) for another full, 72-hr PDC Course.  We thought you might like to see some pictures from last year’s training. 


Wayne with students in parking lot of classroom.


Our host, Kelly Cain PhD, sharing an overview of his work.


Off to explore a design project site – a community garden plot.





Student with her pride and joy.



Visit to Kelly Cain’s home.







Sara Cain and her father Kelly attended our 2010 PDC in Stelle, IL.
She is running a CSA this year for the first time.


Josh is the driving force behind the community garden project we
looked at early.  Grow-to-Share





Kelly’s puppy. (He’s only 8 months)



Worm bin project



Adding shredded newspaper and water on top of kitchen scraps.



Now for the worms


Before heading outside, Wayne explained his homemade
biochar-rocket stove.


Hal (short sleeved blue shirt) showed us his diesel truck
that runs on french-fry grease.



I rode up to the training with Hal and the grease burned just like diesel but
without the unpleasant odor of diesel fumes.




Firing up the biochar-rocket stove.


Phil Rutter of Badgersett Research Corp. — An expert on hazelnuts
and woody agriculture. .


Our friend and permaculture designer, Dan Halsey of
Southwoods Center for Permaculture Design near Minneapolis.


As students enter the design phase of the course they started to do
research and break into small teams.









On the final morning, our students presented their
permaculture design projects.


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