Learning Permaculture by Doing Permaculture

6-Day Hands-on Training –  May 22-28, 2011
Next Week –At Midwest Permaculture, Stelle, IL  

Last fall, at the request of our host following one of our full PDC (Permaculture Design Certificate) Courses, I stayed on for an additional week to lead another group of beginning students for a hands-on permaculture training that included some classroom time on the foundations of permaculture.  I’ll have to admit, I thought it would end up being a fine week but nothing like the excitement of our full PDC trainings.  I was wrong.

If seeing is believing, then doing is knowing.  We had a wonderful week tackling all sorts of projects during the day and exploring permaculture design ideas and principles in the evenings. The students loved it.  I loved it.  Everyone learned a tremendous amount and came away with many useful and practical skills to begin their own permaculture projects.

From this experience we have created our new 6-day Hands-on Training that we intend to be offering for years to come.  And student who take this training, earn partial credit toward a PDC certificate.

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Indigenous Permaculture

Indigenous Permaculture with Winona LaDuke 

Unique 3-Day Workshop/Seminar – April 29 – May 1

White Earth Indian Reservation – Callaway, MN

Winona is many, many things besides the Green Party’s VP Candidate in 1996 and 2000 with Ralph Nader. She is a strong advocate for Native Peoples everywhere and equally passionate about the environment.

We are working on a permaculture design with her for one of their centers in Callaway, MN and will begin the hands-on implementation of it on this weekend. For those participating in the weekend, they will also receive training in the indigenous aspects of permaculture and given a rich look into the life and wisdom of the Anishinaabeg people, Winona’s lineage.

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