Hugelkultur Video

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Check out this time lapse video we made of the construction of a hugelkultur bed…

Hugelkultur is a raised bed filled with wood. As the wood decomposes it slowly releases nutrients to the plants in the bed. It also acts like a sponge, holding more water for the plants to access in between rains. We built this bed in Bill & Becky Wilson’s yard as a part of our Hands-On Permaculture Training this past August.

4 thoughts on “Hugelkultur Video”

  1. Travis Halverson

    Nice vid. I understand the water retention benefits of hugelkultur but I am wondering why the newspaper and cardboard was added.

    1. Bill and Becky don’t let any carbon leave their property. That includes paper and cardboard. This is just one way to use it up.

  2. Nice Work all. Bill, is there any particular type of plant that especially benefits from, or thrives on this type of mound ?

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